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Cleaning And Maintenance; Troubleshooting Guide - Whirlpool ARZ000W Instructions For Use Manual

Built-in undercounter wine chiller arz000w
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The wine cellar has a fully automatic defrost function.
• Periodically clean the vents with a vacuum cleaner or brush.
• The periodical presence of water droplets on the rear wall inside the appliance indicates the automatic
defrost phase.
The defrost water is automatically run into a drain hole and then into a container where it evaporates.
• Clean the defrost water drain hole regularly using the tool supplied with the appliance, to ensure constant
and correct removal of the defrost water.
If necessary...
1. Completely empty the wine cellar.
2. Disconnect the appliance from the mains power supply.
3. Leave the door ajar (approx. 3-4mm) to prevent the formation of mould, unpleasant odours and
4. Clean the appliance.
• Clean the inside regularly with a sponge moistened with lukewarm water and/or neutral detergent. Rinse
and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive products.
• Clean the outside with a soft cloth moistened with water. Do not use abrasive pastes, scouring pads, stain-
removers (e.g. acetone, trichloroethylene) or vinegar.
• Clean the outside of the glass with any specific detergent and the inside only using a moist cloth, avoiding
the use of other detergents, to ensure correct storage of the wine.
Rack cleaning
Use a moist cloth to clean the oak racks.
Be careful not to damage the seal when removing the rack from the appliance. Therefore is it advisable to
open the door fully.


1. The appliance does not work.
•Is there a power failure?
•Is the plug properly inserted in the socket?
•Is the mains double-pole switch turned on?
•Has the fuse blown?
•Is the power cable damaged?
•Is the thermostat set to
2. The temperature inside the wine
cellar is not cold enough.
•Is the door properly closed?
•Are bottles preventing the door from closing
•Is the appliance installed near a heat source?
•Is the thermostat setting correct?
•Are the air circulation vents blocked?
3. The temperature inside the wine
cellar is too cold.
•Is the thermostat setting correct?
4. The appliance is excessively noisy.
•Has the appliance been installed correctly?
•Are the pipes at the back touching or
5. Water collects at the bottom of the
•Is the defrost water drain blocked?
Gurgling and hissing noises due to expansion in the
refrigerant circuit are normal.