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Xerox 6030 User Manual

Wide format twain
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Xerox 6030/6050 Wide Format

User Guide

Version 1.5
May 2004


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: User Guide

    Xerox 6030/6050 Wide Format TWAIN User Guide 701P41580 Version 1.5 May 2004...
  • Page 2 Global Knowledge & Language Services 800 Phillips Road Bldg. 845-17S Webster, NY 14580 Copyright © 2004 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. Copyright protection claimed includes all forms and matters of copyrighted material and information now allowed by statutory...
  • Page 3 Preface Welcome to 6030/6050 Wide Format TWAIN. 6030/6050 Wide Format TWAIN is TWAIN data source for 6030/6050 Wide Format Copier/Printer. This User Guide describes 6030/6050 Wide Format TWAIN operation and usage cautions. Read this guide prior to using 6030/6050 Wide Format TWAIN for most effective use and maximum performance.
  • Page 4 Describes the operation methods and precautions regarding usage related to Format Printer with Scan the Xerox 6030/6050 Wide Format Printer with Scan System. System User Guide X e r o x 6 0 3 0 / 6 0 5 0 W i d e...
  • Page 5 Using This Guide This guide describes how to scan a monochrome image by using DocuScan 1200w and 6030/6050 Wide Format Copier/Printer, and how to edit, save, and print the scanned data. About This Guide This book has been prepared on the assumption that the user has used 6030/6050 Wide Format Copier/Printer prior to reading this manual.
  • Page 6 Conventions This guide uses the following symbols depending on the contents: [XXXX] Indicates the topics, button names, and menu on operation window. 1234 Bold letters indicates the messages displayed on Wide Format TWAIN operation window. <XXXX> Indicates the messages. Indicates important information and must be read in detail. Gives what to follow for the correct use of Wide Format TWAIN.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Preface Manual Organization Using This Guide Table of Contents Chapter 1 Overview of 6030/6050 Wide Format TWAIN About TWAIN Source ......................2 Terms ............................. 3 Precautions ........................... 4 Chapter 2 Preparation System Configuration ........................ 8 Installation ............................ 9 Uninstallation ..........................
  • Page 8 Table Of Contents...
  • Page 9: Chapter 1 Overview Of 6030/6050 Wide Format Twain

    Chapter Overview of 6030/6050 Wide Format TWAIN Chapter 1 This chapter overviews and describes the functions of 6030/6050 Wide Format TWAIN.
  • Page 10: About Twain Source

    About TWAIN Source 6030/6050 Wide Format TWAIN (hereafter referred to as Wide Format TWAIN) provides image document scanning function by using 6030/6050 Wide Format Copier/ Printer and DocuScan 1200w with a host computer. The supported operating systems are Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows 98. Basic functions required for wide size image scanning are available by Windows user interface operation.
  • Page 11: Terms

    Terms This section explains the terms used in this guide Explanation of terms Scan protocol: Indicates the communication between image scanning application software and image scanner. TWAIN Source software: Indicates standard image scanning protocol for image scanning application and image scanner, developed by TWAIN Working Group.
  • Page 12: Precautions

    Precautions This chapter explains the precautions for using Wide Format TWAIN. Precautions and Restrictions for Scanner To use Wide Format TWAIN, Scanner firmware version must be 1.0.0 or later version. The firmware version can be confirmed by Wide Format TWAIN version information. If the version is before 1.0.0, call for your Service Representative.
  • Page 13 Paper size (Width x Size series Size dot [dot] Length) [mm] Special A-2 B1 Portrait 728.0 x 1030.0 17197 x 24331 (870mm) B2 Portrait 515.0 x 728.0 12165 x 17197 B3 Portrait 364.0 x 515.0 8598 x 12165 B4 Portrait 257.0 x 364.0 6071 x 8598 B5 Portrait...
  • Page 14 Automatic document size judgement Judged Special A Special A ISO A ANSI ARCH value (880mm) (870mm) 7 1 8 m m 841mm 880mm 8 8 0 / 8 7 0 m m 863.6mm 914.4mm over (A0 Portrait/A1 (Sp.A0 Port./ (Sp. A0 Port. / ( 3 4 "...
  • Page 15: Chapter 2 Preparation

    Chapter Preparation Chapter 2 This chapter describes the host computer and system configuration required for scanning and printing using Wide Format TWAIN.
  • Page 16: System Configuration

    System Configuration Host Configuration Wide Format TWAIN uses a computer with Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows 98 operating system installed. The following are the requirements for the host computer: Requirements for a host computer <Hardware> Pentium III 450MHz or over Memory Mainly A0 size binary image256MB or over Mainly Gray multi tone image:1GB or over...
  • Page 17: Installation

    Installation This chapter describes how to install Wide Format TWAIN software to a host computer. Before installation Please follow the instructions below for installation. • For software upgrade, prior to installing the latest version software Wide Format TWAIN uninstall any previous version of the software. version setup program creates new a file and does not overwrite the previous version file.
  • Page 18 Start Setup program on the host computer (Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP) from the CD in either of the following methods. 1. Use [Add/Delete program] wizard of control panel. 2. Use [Run...] from Start menu. 3. Open Setup program file from CD by using Explorer. If you install the program in the method other than 1., select setup.exe and execute it.
  • Page 19 Click on [Add New Programs] button. [Install Program from Floppy Disk or CD-ROM] will be displayed. Insert Setup disk into the CD drive, and click on [Next]. The screen will be switched into [Run Installation Program] Select the [Browse] button and select the CD drive and directory that contains the Setup.exe.
  • Page 20 Click [Finish] button. Setup wizard will be displayed. Click [Next] button. Setup program will be started, and [Choose Destination Location] screen will be displayed. Installation procedure will be different if the procedure other than 1. has been selected. Default installation folder will be automatically prepared by Setup program. To change the folder, click [Browse] button and specify the location.
  • Page 21 Click on [Next] button. Installation will be started. • If ASPI driver file has been installed already, a message stating ASPI related file already exists. [Do you want to replace it?] will appear. If you want to replace, click on [Yes] and continue installation. If you do not want to replace, click on [No].
  • Page 22 • If installing on Windows XP and [New Hardware Found] appears complete the following procedure to install the 6030 driver. Select [Install from list or specific location (Advanced)]. Select [Search for the best driver in these locations] and check both options. Chapter 2 Preparation...
  • Page 23 The PC will search for the driver. When the driver is located click [Continue Anyway] The driver will be installed and the installation widow will be displayed 2.2 Installation...
  • Page 24 Wide Format TWAIN folder will be created after completing the installation of Wide Format TWAIN. This example shows that Wide Format TWAIN program folder has been created by the name of [Wide Format TWAIN], in [Xerox] folder in [Program Files]. Chapter 2 Preparation...
  • Page 25: Uninstallation

    Uninstallation This chapter how to uninstall It is required to uninstall the currently used software before upgrading to the current version. Wide Format TWAIN new version setup program will not overwrite on the previous version file, but create a new file. Because of this, if the previous version file exists, installation may not be completed correctly.
  • Page 26 A message to confirm the deletion of the program will be displayed. Click on [Yes] button. Click on [Yes] to start uninstalling the program. To stop uninstallation, click [No]. Following this, a dialog box to confirm the deletion of shared files may be displayed depending on the situation.
  • Page 27: Chapter 3 Functions

    Chapter Functions Chapter 3 This section describes the functions available with Wide Format TWAIN.
  • Page 28: Available Scanning Function

    Available scanning function The scanning software requires an imaging applications (Photoshop, Corel, Windows Paint). Start the imaging application and select Scanner or TWAIN (usually located under the File pull down menu). Image scan After setting required scanning options by using dialog box and press [Scan Start], Wide Format TWAIN will scan the image, and the image data will be stored in the memory.
  • Page 29 – Standard size auto judgement – Synchronized – Standard size custom specification – Custom size The following two functions are available when [Standard size custom specification] or [Custom size] is selected. – Offset – Scan start position The followings are the descriptions of each function. Standard size auto judgement Scan document by detecting document size automatically.
  • Page 30 Chapter 3 Functions...
  • Page 31 Custom size Document width and length can be specified by 1mm increment. By clicking right mouse button on either of [Width] or [Length], standard size width and length can be specified from the list provided. • If you select [Custom size], [Scan start position] and [Offset] can be specified. •...
  • Page 32 The length of the scanned image becomes standard size length, even if the image has been shifted to upper or lower by using Scan Start Position adjustment feature. The image moved out of the standard size will be cut, and the blank area will become white. Document Moves to +(plus) direction Moves to -(minus) direction...
  • Page 33 Resolution Set resolution according to the document image. It is selectable from 150 to 2400dpi (dots/inch), by 1dpi (dots/inch) increment. The default setting is 400dpi (dots/inch). Contrast reversal/Mirror image The following image processing can be specified when Scanner is reading the document. –...
  • Page 34 good practice to select the best document image type that matches the document. – Line (Default) – Line/Picture – Photo – Picture – DIAZO – Cut & Paste – Transparent – Dark background – Special original 1-3 • Line Select when the original contains lines and text images. •...
  • Page 35 Not currently supported. If this mode is selected, line mode will be assigned. • If [Same as copy setting] is specified in Scan & Copy mode, document will be scanned by copier setting. • [Black/White binary] cannot be specified when [Picture] or [Photo] is selected.
  • Page 36 [Pseudo Black/White binary] or [Gray multi level] converts the level automatically. • [Black/White binary] cannot be specified when [Photo] or [Picture] is selected. • Document type and Edge erase become invalid when [Gray scale] or [Gray multi level is specified. •...
  • Page 37 • Scan setting Set scan start method and scanning speed. When you click [Scan setting] button, [Scan setting] dialog box will be displayed. • [Same as scanner setting] cannot be selected when using DocuScan 1200w. • In scan & copy mode, [Same as scanner setting] will be selected automatically.
  • Page 38 Chapter 3 Functions...
  • Page 39: Error And Warning Messages

    Chapter Error and Warning messages Chapter 4...
  • Page 40 Error and Warning messages This chapter describes the causes and solutions for error and warning messages displayed during Wide Format TWAIN operation. Wide Format TWAIN Error Messages If an error occurs with host computer or scanner while scanning, Wide Format TWAIN software displays an error message in a dialog box to inform the user.
  • Page 41 <Hardware error has occurred.> Cause Fatal hardware error has occurred for unknown reasons. Solution <Cannot change operation mode. Pull out original and click [OK]. > Cause User tried to change operation mode while it is unavailable. Change operation mode after 30 seconds. Solution <Cannot change operation mode.
  • Page 42 <Read size is too large. Failed to scan completely. Add memory or hard disk to device.> Device memory is insufficient to read the document. Cause Solution Add memory to device. <Failed to save settings.> Cause User has entered out-of-range value in any of parameters. Solution Confirm parameter value and set them within the range.
  • Page 43 <Insufficient free disk space. Cannot create temporary file for saving image data.> Cause Cannot use sufficient space in disk to save temporary image data. Solution Increase free space in disk. <Failed to control device.> Cause Error has occurred while operating SCSI command. Check device if it is correctly operated.
  • Page 44: Index

    Index ..........8 ...........8 A0 size binary image Gray multi tone image .......... 2 About TWAIN Source ........... 27 Additional functions ..........16 After installation ..........2, 8 host computer ..........23 Alternate output ..........8 Host environment Auto size recognition in Scan Start Position adjusted ...............
  • Page 45 ......8 ..............3 Requirements for a host computer Terms ............24 ............27 Resolution Timeout tim .............27 Timer Check ............25 Transparent ..........2 TWAIN protocol ............. 27 Save position ........3 TWAIN Source software ............27 Save setting ........30 TWAIN Error Message ..........23 Scan &...
  • Page 46 Index...
  • Page 47 Index...
  • Page 48 Index...

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