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Adjusting The Projection Position - NEC NP02WK Installation And Adjustment Manual

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Adjusting the Projection Position

Before adjusting
Project an image from the projector, then rst use the focus lever of the projector to roughly
adjust the focus of the projected image.
For information on how to project an image, see "Installation and Connections" and" Projecting
an Image (Basic Operation)" in the user's manual included with the projector.
• From the on-screen menu, select "Ceiling Front" as the method of projection.
1. Check the tilt adjust knobs.
Verify that the four tilt adjust knobs are all set to the same
adjustment height.
If the projector fixation plate is slanted , correct vertical
adjustment and horizontal adjustment cannot be performed.
2. Adjust the size of the projected image and the left/right tilt.
* The illustrations in this manual show the adjustment for an image with a 4:3 aspect ratio.
Connecting cables for screen and projector are omitted.
Adjust the size of the projected image and, if necessary, the tilt in clockwise or anticlockwise
Loosen the vertical adjust/arm fixation knobs.
- Loosen the two knobs shown in black in the illustration
Move the projector back and forth to match the size of
the projected image to the screen.
To do this, grasp the projector firmly on both sides and
move it carefully.
- To adjust tilt in the left/right direction, proceed to step
- If only size adjustment is to be performed, tighten the
two knobs shown in black in the illustration.
Projector fixation plate
Knob adjustment height



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