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Mounting The Projector - NEC NP02WK Installation And Adjustment Manual

Wall mount unit
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Mounting the Projector

1. Determine the installation location of the screen, and accordingly decide
the installation position of the wall mount unit.
Refer to the section "Installation" in the user's manual included with the projector for more
• Installation for slanted projection is not possible. Determine the position for frontprojection.
2. Make sure that all conditions described in the section "Heed the Following"
on page 2 of this manual are met.
• Because the M260XS/M300XS/M350XS/M260WS/M300WS have a large optical axis
elevation angle, a slight shift in projection distance will have a large effect on the screen
size and position. If the projector angle is off, image distortion will increase.
Align the projector adapter with the holes on the bottom of the projector and securely attach
the adapter with the four supplied screws (M4x20).
Loosen the vertical adjust/arm fixation knobs of the pr ojector adapter.
Do not try to attach the projector adapter without the foam packing spacers in
place. Otherwise the mirr or section may be subject to excessive for ce, which can
lead to a shift in the pr ojected image and cause serious damage.
If screws other than the supplied ones
are used, the projector may be seriously
damaged, or the projector may fall and
cause injury. Be sure to use only the
supplied screws.
2. Attach the wall adapter to the structural material of the wall.
To ensure a projected image without distortion, the center of the wall adapter and the center of
the screen should be aligned on a straight axis.
• The wall adapter has a top/bottom orientation. Be sure to attach it with correct orientation.
If the wall adapter is mounted with reversed top/bottom orientation, correct
installation is not possible.
• The wall adapter can be adjusted horizontally over a range of ±50mm.
Use only M6 (1/4 inch) screws
or bolts (4 locations) to fix the wall
adapter. If screws or bolts other than M6
are used, the pr
ojector may fall and
cause injury.
Vertical adjust/arm fixation knobs
Side with cutouts facing up
Side without cutouts facing down



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