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Image Scanner Report; Application Work Groups - Honeywell 4820HDHM User Manual

2d cordless imaging system.
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Image Scanner Report

Scan the barcode below to generate a report for the connected image scanners.
The report indicates the port, work group, image scanner name, and address.
Image Scanner Report

Application Work Groups

Your cordless system can have up to 7 image scanners linked to one base. You
can also have up to 7 work groups. If you want to have all of the image scan-
ners' settings programmed alike, you don't need to use more than 1 work group.
If you want each image scanner to have unique settings (e.g., beeper volume,
prefix/suffix, data formatter), then you may program each image scanner to its
own unique work group and may program each image scanner independently.
For example, you might want to have multiple work groups in a retail/warehouse
application where you need to have different data appended to barcodes used
in the warehouse area versus the retail area. You could assign all the image
scanners in the retail area to one work group and those in the warehouse to
another. Consequently, any desired changes to either the retail or warehouse
area would apply to all image scanners in that particular work group. Visual
11-5) makes it easy for you to program your system for use with
multiple image scanners and multiple work groups.
The image scanner keeps a copy of the menu settings it is using. Whenever the
image scanner is connected or reconnected to a base, the image scanner is
updated with the latest settings from the base for its work group. The image
scanner also receives menu setting changes processed by the base. If an
image scanner is removed from one base and placed into another base, it will
be updated with the new base settings for whatever work group that the image
scanner was previously assigned. For example, if the image scanner was in
work group 1 linked to the first base, it will be placed in work group 1 in the sec-
ond base with the associated settings.
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