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Installation Instructions; Installation Issues - HP 201723-B21 - StorageWorks Modular SAN Array 1000 Hard Drive Release Note

Storageworks simple san
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One or more PCI-e slots for the HP StorageWorks 81Q PCI-e Fibre Channel HBA (or other supported
QLogic FC HBAs)
Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5 or later
Internet browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), Netscape Navigator, or Mozilla Firefox

Installation instructions

For detailed installation instructions, see the HP StorageWorks Simple SAN Connection Manager
user guide, available on the HP website
Important information
This section provides information about installation, Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA), Modular Smart
Array (MSA), the switch, and other issues relating to SSCM.

Installation issues

MSA2000fc G2 support: SSCM 2.10 does not include the software required to directly support
MSA2000fc G2.
Workaround: To add support for the MSA2000fc G2 to SSCM 2.10, you must install the HP
StorageWorks MSA2000 Software Bundle V1.26 or later on the SSCM management station and
all nonmanagement stations that will use the MSA2000fc G2. HP StorageWorks MSA2000
Software Bundles V1.26 for all supported operating systems are available for download from the
HP MSA2000 website:
Under Support, click MSA2000fc G2, and then under Tasks for HP StorageWorks 2000fc G2
Modualr Smart Array, click Download drivers and software.
HP recommends that you install SSCM first, and then install the HP StorageWorks MSA2000
Software Bundle V1.26. When installing the MS2000 software bundle on the management station,
be sure to select the optional MSA2000 VDS provider.
If the MSA2000 software was installed previously, you can install SSCM; however, you must take
the following precautions:
• Ensure that version 1.26 of the HP StorageWorks MSA2000 Software Bundle is installed. If
an earlier version of MSA software is installed, update to V1.26. For a list of the minimum
required versions of MSA2000 components, see
• Verify that the optional MSA2000 VDS provider is installed on the management station. If not,
re-install the MSA2000 software bundle and select the optional MSA2000 VDS provider.
• During installation of SSCM, select No when prompted to install older software on your system.
(Expect to see several of these prompts.)
• The SSCM installer will attempt and fail to install an older version of the MSA2000 SES driver.
You can ignore the resulting error.
Minimum MSA2000 software component versions
that the following versions of MSA2000 software are installed:
• MSA2000 SES Driver 2.5.0 (Build 21) (Windows 2003 only)
• MSA2000 MPIO DSM 2.5.1 (Build 29)
• MSA2000 CAPI Proxy 2.5.0 (Build 22) (SSCM management station only)
• MSA2000 VDS Provider 2.5.1 (Build 5) (SSCM management station only)
Minimum MSA2000 software component
When the installation is complete, verify



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