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HP 201723-B21 - StorageWorks Modular SAN Array 1000 Hard Drive Reference Manual

Modular smart array
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HP StorageWorks
1000 Modular Smart Array
Second Edition (July 2006)
Part Number: 347280-002
The HP StorageWorks 1000 Modular Smart Array (MSA1000) is a 2-Gb Fibre Channel
storage system designed for the entry-level to mid-range Storage Area Network (SAN).
Designed to reduce the complexity, expense, and risk of SAN deployments in heterogeneous
configurations, the MSA1000 provides a scalable, high-performance system.



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  Summary of Contents for HP 201723-B21 - HP StorageWorks Modular SAN Array 1000 Hard Drive

  • Page 1 Reference Guide HP StorageWorks 1000 Modular Smart Array Second Edition (July 2006) Part Number: 347280-002 The HP StorageWorks 1000 Modular Smart Array (MSA1000) is a 2-Gb Fibre Channel storage system designed for the entry-level to mid-range Storage Area Network (SAN). Designed to reduce the complexity, expense, and risk of SAN deployments in heterogeneous configurations, the MSA1000 provides a scalable, high-performance system.
  • Page 2 Hewlett-Packard. The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. Compaq Computer Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard Company. Microsoft®, MS-DOS®, MS Windows®, Windows®, and Windows NT® are U.S. registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Contents About this Guide........... .5 Overview.
  • Page 4 Contents SCSI I/O Module ............24 Power Supply/Blower Assemblies .
  • Page 5: About This Guide

    About This Guide About this Guide This document provides introductory reference information about the HP StorageWorks 1000 Modular Smart Array (MSA1000). About this Guide Overview This section covers the following topics: ■ Intended Audience Related Documentation ■ Intended Audience This book is intended for use by administrators with a moderate amount of SAN-management experience.
  • Page 6: Conventions

    About this Guide Conventions Conventions consist of the following: ■ Document Conventions ■ Text Symbols ■ Equipment Symbols Document Conventions The document conventions included in Table 1 apply in most cases. Table 1: Document Conventions Element Convention Cross-reference links Figure 1 Key and field names, menu items, Bold buttons, and dialog box titles...
  • Page 7: Text Symbols

    About this Guide Text Symbols The following symbols may be found in the text of this guide. They have the following meanings. WARNING: Text set off in this manner indicates that failure to follow directions in the warning could result in bodily harm or loss of life. Caution: Text set off in this manner indicates that failure to follow directions could result in damage to equipment or data.
  • Page 8 About this Guide Any surface or area of the equipment marked with these symbols indicates the presence of a hot surface or hot component. Contact with this surface could result in injury. WARNING: To reduce the risk of injury from a hot component, allow the surface to cool before touching.
  • Page 9: Getting Help

    About this Guide Getting Help If you still have a question after reading this guide, contact an HP authorized service provider or access our website: HP Technical Support In North America, call technical support at 1-800-652-6672, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Page 10: Hp Authorized Reseller

    About this Guide HP Authorized Reseller For the name of your nearest HP Authorized Reseller: ■ In the United States, call 1-800-345-1518 ■ In Canada, call 1-800-263-5868 ■ Elsewhere, see the HP website for locations and telephone numbers: HP StorageWorks 1000 Modular Smart Array Reference Guide...
  • Page 11: Introduction

    Introduction The MSA1000 includes a high performance array controller in a 14-drive storage cabinet, capable of 2 Gb/s speeds over Fibre Channel. It may be expanded by adding two more storage cabinets for a total capacity of 42 drives. The MSA1000 is compatible with 1 Gb/s and 2 Gb/s hub and fabric switch interconnects and includes options for embedded switches and hubs.
  • Page 12: Key Features

    Introduction Key Features Key features of the MSA1000 are summarized in Table Table 2: MSA1000 Features, summarized Feature Description Form factors HP Series rack, 4U design combining both the controller and disk shelf Model Rack-mountable Hard drive types HP Ultra2, Ultra3, and Ultra320 1"...
  • Page 13: Front View

    Introduction Front View The following figure and supporting table illustrate and define the front view features of the MSA1000. Item Description Blank panel Included in the standard shipping configuration and removed when a redundant MSA1000 Controller is installed. In redundant configurations, this is the secondary controller and may be referred to as controller2.
  • Page 14: Rear View

    Introduction Rear View The following figure and supporting table illustrate and define the features and components on the rear of the MSA1000. Item Description 2-Gb Small Form Factor Pluggable Transceivers (SFP) Fibre Channel I/O Module Blank panel (when hot-pluggable options are not installed) Power supply/blower assemblies Power supply/blower assembly indicators...
  • Page 15: Hot-Pluggability

    Introduction Hot-Pluggability Hot-pluggability allows components to be removed and replaced without powering down the MSA1000. The following MSA1000 hardware components are hot-pluggable: Hard Drives—Failed drives in fault-tolerant configurations can be replaced without interrupting system operation. Data on the failed drive is restored automatically to the replacement drive online.
  • Page 16: System Power

    Introduction System Power Power to the MSA1000 does not shut off completely with the power switch. The two positions of the front panel power switch should be considered as on and standby, instead of on and off. The standby position removes power from most of the electronics and the drives, but portions of the power supply and some internal circuitry remain active.
  • Page 17: Msa1000 Hardware Components

    MSA1000 Hardware Components The standard shipping configuration of the MSA1000 includes one MSA1000 Controller, one MSA Fibre Channel I/O Module, one SCSI I/O Module, and two power supply/blower assemblies. Option kits are available for redundant MSA1000 Controllers and Fibre Channel I/O Modules as well as for embedded switches and hubs. MSA1000 hardware components include: ■...
  • Page 18: Msa1000 Controller

    MSA1000 Hardware Components MSA1000 Controller The MSA1000 Controller is a drive array controller specifically designed for installation in the MSA1000. The MSA1000 comes equipped with one Controller installed. An additional controller for redundancy can be purchased separately. To ensure uninterrupted service, two copies of the controller firmware are stored in Read Only Memory (ROM) on the controller.
  • Page 19: Array Accelerator (Battery-Backed Cache)

    MSA1000 Hardware Components Controller Display Description Fault indicator (amber) Display Left push button Up push button Right push button Down push button Redundancy Link indicator (green) For more information about the MSA1000 Controller display, see the HP StorageWorks 1000 Modular Smart Array Maintenance and Service Guide. Array Accelerator (Battery-backed Cache) The Array Accelerator is a high-performance, upgradeable 256-MB SDRAM DIMM read/write battery-backed cache that can increase performance in database...
  • Page 20: Array Accelerator Features

    MSA1000 Hardware Components The read-ahead cache detects sequential accesses to the array, reads ahead data, and stores the data in the cache until the next read access arrives. If the data is of a sequential nature, the data can be loaded immediately into memory, avoiding the latency of a disk access.
  • Page 21: Array Configuration Overview

    MSA1000 Hardware Components This also applies if the Array Accelerator is removed from the MSA1000 Controller. When power is restored to the MSA1000 storage system, an initialization process writes the preserved data to the disk drives. This is particularly important for data that has been cached by a posted-write operation, but has not yet been written to the hard drives.
  • Page 22: Array Fault Tolerance Levels

    MSA1000 Hardware Components Array Fault Tolerance Levels Fault tolerance refers to several possible methods used to protect your MSA1000 storage system from data loss in the event of a hardware failure somewhere in the storage system. Each method has its advantages; choosing one requires careful planning for your particular requirements.
  • Page 23 MSA1000 Hardware Components Host A Host B Switch ACCESS ACCESS Host A - LD3, LD4 Host A - LD1, LD2 Host B - LD3, LD4 Host B - LD1, LD2 Storage A Storage B HP StorageWorks 1000 Modular Smart Array Reference Guide...
  • Page 24: Scsi I/O Module

    MSA1000 Hardware Components SCSI I/O Module This element performs several functions, including monitoring the enclosure operation, detecting and indicating errors, providing I/O connectors, and displaying enclosure status. EMU functions include: ■ Monitoring the power supply voltages ■ Monitoring the power supply and enclosure temperatures ■...
  • Page 25: Power Supply/Blower Assemblies

    MSA1000 Hardware Components Power Supply/Blower Assemblies The MSA1000 includes redundant power supply/blower assemblies. The power supplies share the electrical load equally. If either supply fails or is removed, the other power supply assumes the full load without interruption. Hot-pluggability allows you to replace the failed supply without shutting down the MSA1000 storage system.
  • Page 26: Fibre Channel I/O Module

    MSA1000 Hardware Components Fibre Channel I/O Module The Fibre Channel I/O Module is a single-port, 1-Gb/2-Gb Fibre Channel device that includes a 2 Gb/s Small Form Factor Pluggable Transceiver (SFP) port. This module can be removed and replaced with other interconnect options, such as the MSA SAN Switch 2/8 or the MSA Hub 2/3.
  • Page 27: Msa San Switch 2/8

    MSA1000 Hardware Components MSA SAN Switch 2/8 The MSA SAN Switch 2/8 is an optional 2-Gb/s, integrated 8-port fabric switch (1 port internal to the MSA1000), that enables full duplex non-blocking performance on all ports. For information about the MSA SAN Switch 2/8, refer to the HP StorageWorks MSA SAN Switch 2/8 Installation Guide.
  • Page 28: Msa Hub 2/3

    MSA1000 Hardware Components MSA Hub 2/3 The MSA Hub 2/3 is an optional input/output device designed to replace the single port Fibre Channel I/O Module that comes standard with the MSA1000. This option is designed to provide an inexpensive and easy way for a clustered pair of servers to access the storage controller (using the arbitrated loop configuration) without having to buy an external hub or switch.
  • Page 29: Msa1000 Software Tools

    MSA1000 Software Tools The following abbreviated list of software components is commonly used and supported on the MSA1000: ■ Array Configuration Utility (ACU) ■ MSA Command Line Interface (MSA-CLI) ■ HP Systems Insight Manager (HP-SIM) System Event Analyzer (SEA) ■ Each software tool is discussed in the following paragraphs.
  • Page 30: Array Configuration Utility (Acu)

    MSA1000 Software Tools Array Configuration Utility (ACU) The ACU is browser based and can run locally through the Windows Internet Explorer browser screen or remotely through HP Systems Insight Manager (HP-SIM). If the utility is not configured to allow remote access, it will run in the local environment.
  • Page 31: Msa Command Line Interface (Msa-Cli)

    MSA1000 Software Tools MSA Command Line Interface (MSA-CLI) The MSA-CLI is built into the MSA controller firmware and can be used to configure, manage, and monitor all aspects of the MSA1000, including hard drive array configuration. The CLI is accessed through a host computer connected to the customized RJ-45Z serial port on the front of the MSA1000.
  • Page 32: System Event Analyzer (Sea)

    MSA1000 Software Tools System Event Analyzer (SEA) System Event Analyzer is a host-based fault analysis utility included with the Web-Based Service Enterprise (WEBES) service tools. Each WEBES service tool adds functionality to the Directory, a process (or set of processes) that executes continuously.
  • Page 33: Scsi Id Assignments

    SCSI ID Assignments SCSI IDs are assigned automatically in the MSA1000 drive shelf and any additional attached storage enclosures according to the drive bay used for each drive. It is not possible to assign SCSI IDs manually. The tables in this section show the assigned SCSI assignments and the SCSI buses used for each of the drive bays in the MSA1000 and any additional attached storage enclosures.
  • Page 34: Scsi Id Assignments For The Msa1000

    SCSI ID Assignments SCSI ID Assignments for the MSA1000 Table 4 shows the SCSI ID Assignments for the MSA1000 drive shelf. Table 4: MSA1000 SCSI ID Assignments Drive Bay SCSI ID SCSI Bus HP StorageWorks 1000 Modular Smart Array Reference Guide...
  • Page 35: Scsi Id Assignments For Single Bus Storage Enclosures

    SCSI ID Assignments SCSI ID Assignments for Single Bus Storage Enclosures Table 5 shows the SCSI assignments for additional single bus storage enclosures attached to the MSA1000. Table 5: Additional single bus Storage Enclosure SCSI ID Assignments SCSI Bus, SCSI Bus, first Second Drive Bay of Additional...
  • Page 36: Scsi Id Assignments For Dual Bus Storage Enclosures

    SCSI ID Assignments SCSI ID Assignments for Dual Bus Storage Enclosures Table 6 shows the SCSI assignments for an additional dual bus storage enclosure attached to the MSA1000. Table 6: Additional dual bus Storage Enclosure Drive Bay SCSI ID SCSI Bus Note: When using SCSI Bus 2, use SCSI Port A.
  • Page 37: Specifications

    Specifications This chapter provides operating and performance specifications for the HP StorageWorks MSA1000. The sections in this chapter are: ■ MSA1000 Chassis ■ Memory ■ Power Supply SCSI I/O Module ■ Note: For information on all supported components and their part numbers, see the MSA1000 Maintenance and Service Guide.
  • Page 38: Msa1000 Chassis

    Specifications MSA1000 Chassis Table 7: MSA1000 Chassis Specifications Item Description Height 17.5 cm (6.9 in) Width 52.1 cm (20.5 in) Depth 48.3 cm (19.0 in) Weight (no drives installed, 22.7 kg (50 lb) single power supply) International input voltage requirements Rated input voltage 100 to 240 VAC Rated input frequency...
  • Page 39: Memory

    Specifications Table 7: MSA1000 Chassis Specifications Item Description Maximum wet-bulb temperature Long term storage 29° C (84.2° F) Short term storage 30° C (86° F) Acoustic noise (LWAdc bels and LpAm dBA) Idle <6.9 and 53 Fixed disk (random writes) <7.3 and 54 *Input Power and Heat Dissipation specifications are maximum values and apply to worst-case conditions at full rated power supply load.
  • Page 40: Power Supply

    Specifications Power Supply Table 9: MSA1000 System Unit Power Supply Specifications Item Description Height 12.7 cm (4.5 in) Width 15.9 cm (6.25 in) Depth 24.1 cm (9.5 in) Weight 2.9 kg (6.4 lb) Note: The MSA1000 System Unit power supply specifications are calculated without the fan.
  • Page 41: A Regulatory Compliance Notices

    Regulatory Compliance Notices Regulatory Compliance Identification Numbers For the purpose of regulatory compliance certifications and identification, your device is assigned an HP Series number. The Storage System Series number can be found on the product label, along with the required approval markings and information.
  • Page 42: Canadian Notice (Avis Canadien)

    Regulatory Compliance Notices Canadian Notice (Avis Canadien) This Class A digital apparatus meets all requirements of the Canadian Interference-Causing Equipment Regulations. Cet appareil numérique de la classe A respecte toutes les exigences du Règlement sur le matériel brouilleur du Canada. European Union Notice Products with the CE Marking comply with both the EMC Directive (89/336/EEC) and the Low Voltage Directive (73/23/EEC) issued by the...
  • Page 43: Bsmi Notice

    Regulatory Compliance Notices BSMI Notice Japanese Power Cord Notice Laser Compliance The SFP Module contains a laser diode of either gallium aluminum arsenide (GaALAs) emitting in the wavelength range of 770-860 nm, or indium gallium arsenide phosphide (InGaAsP) emitting in the wavelength range of 1270-1355 nm.
  • Page 44: Battery Replacement Notice

    Regulatory Compliance Notices The Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration implemented regulations for laser products on August 2, 1976. These regulations apply to laser products manufactured from August 1, 1976. Compliance is mandatory for products marketed in the United States. This device is classified as a Class 1 laser product as defined by IEC 825.
  • Page 45: Index

    Index distributing restoring access control list automatically acoustic noise, specifications document conventions documentation, related configuration drive of hardware arrays, performance array accelerator bays, IDs described logical features of performance array configuration methods physical audience enclosure expansion batteries migration overview 35, replacement notice equipment symbols components...
  • Page 46 Index front view, MSA1000, illustrated full duplex non-blocking performance hot-pluggability redundant replacement getting help MSA1000 Controller array accelerator array accelerator features hard drives hot-pluggability defining arrays managing hard drive array hot-pluggable replacement online spare replacement replacing overview conditions of the MSA1000 hardware failure help, obtaining...
  • Page 47 Index related documentation on equipment system unit specifications cloning dimensions recovery input voltage requirements maximum wet-bulb temperature relative humidity server temperature SCSI I/O Module with an Integrated weight Environmental Monitoring Unit (EMU) described functions of SCSI ID assignments technical support, hp dual bus storage enclosure text symbols MSA1000 drive shelf...
  • Page 48 Index HP StorageWorks 1000 Modular Smart Array Reference Guide...

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