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Other Issues - HP 201723-B21 - StorageWorks Modular SAN Array 1000 Hard Drive Release Note

Storageworks simple san
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cannot retrieve the switch information when launched. SSCM shows the default generic switch
name, and any switch operation that you request will prompt for the password.
SSCM shows switch zoning information as Unknown for vendor and device type: The SSCM uses
the switch zoning component Fibre Channel worldwide port name (WWPN) to match the vendor
and device type. If the switch zoning is not WWPN based, it shows the information as Unknown
in the Switch Zoning Information dialog box.

Other issues

The graphics for the MSA and EVA are not accurate: The storage subsystem graphics in the Manage
Storage Subsystem dialog box are intended as an abstract representation of the MSA and EVA
storage subsystems and their enclosures and drives. The graphic images do not actually reflect
the physical layout of the subsystems.
LUN multipath information: A LUN's multipath information is available only if that LUN is presented
to the management host where the VDS hardware provider and SSCM are installed and running.
Workaround: To obtain multipath information for LUNs presented to other hosts, issue the hpdsm
devices command from either the EVA DSM command line interface (CLI) or the MSA DSM CLI
on that host.
To launch the EVA DSM, select Start > Programs > Hewlett-Packard > EVA DSM > HPDSM CLI.
To launch the MSA DSM, select Start > Programs > Hewlett-Packard > MSA DSM > HPDSM CLI.
SSCM startup: SSCM may take several minutes to start up. The size of your SAN and the
configuration of your storage directly affects the startup time.
SSCM uses an Ethernet broadcast mechanism to discover the hosts and their HBAs in the SAN. If
there are a large number of hosts in the network responding to this broadcast, the host discovery
process may take some time to complete.
SSCM fails to start: If you install SSCM with the MSA only option, and HP Command View EVA
is installed, SSCM will be unable to start. The error RegOpenKeyEx failed with error 2:
The system cannot find the file specified is displayed when you attempt to start
Workaround: To correct this problem, reinstall SSCM and select the EVA only or the EVA and
MSA option if an array is present in the configuration. If no EVA is present, uninstall the HP
Command View EVA suite.
IA64 BIOS update: The HBA driver update feature for Windows on IA64 is not supported in SSCM.
Format drive message: During partition creation and formatting for LUNs for Windows Server
2008, a Windows Format Drive message is displayed to confirm formatting or cancel.
Workaround: None. This message will not impact the function, but a new confirmation window
appears for each new partition. Click Cancel to close the window.
Server name changes: If the name or other attribute of a server being managed by SSCM is
changed independent of SSCM, SSCM continues to display the original name, even after restarting.
The server change is not detected until a Server Refresh is done because SSCM matches up
the HBA WWN with the saved server data. This saved data is not updated until a new broadcast
or FDMI refresh is done. A server refresh is not performed on application startup or asynchronously
while the application is open.
Workaround: To see the new server name, use the Refresh the Server List option.
HP StorageWorks Simple SAN Connection Manager 2.10 release notes



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