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Haier WM220 User Manual page 8

User manual


5.When the system prompts you that the installation is finished, click <Finish> to
finish the installation of the WM220 Manager.
Uninstalling the WM220 Manager through the Add / Remove in the Windows.
Only enable the windows CD-ROM auto-run feature the USB modem can install
Accessing & Exiting
Accessing the WM220 Manager GUI
1. To start program, double-click the shortcut icon
of the WM220 Manager on
the desktop;
2. If you are prompted to enter PIN code, enter the correct one and click <OK>;
You can try 3 times to enter your PIN code. If you failed to do that after 3 times,
your USIM card would be locked, if this happens, use the PUK code to unlock it.
You can try 10 times to enter your PUK code. If you failed to do that after 10 times,
your USIM card cannot be used, if this happens, please contact your network
If you failed to enter PIN or PUK code, the WM220 Manager is not available for
Exiting the WM220 Manager
Click the button
on the right corner on the interface.
Instruction to the main interface