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Haier WM220 User Manual page 20

User manual


from your service provider).
Validity Period
deliver a message till it is received.
Delivery Report
enabled, after you send a message, the network can send a message to inform
you that the receiver has got the message you have sent.
Alert Window
new message comes.
Alert tone
If a sound file is selected, it plays on the PC whenever a new
message comes.
Click <Browse> to select a sound file
Network Setting
Mode Preference
You can select a mode and click <Set> to set the selected mode as the preferred
Registration Mode
Auto search and register: Select Auto search and register
<Select> to select the desired network automatically.
Manual search and register: Select
<Refresh> to display the available networks; Select one network and click
In the period of validity , the message center will repeat to
You can enable or disable this function. If the function is
Check the box, and an alert window is displayed whenever a
Manual search and register
and click
and click