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Haier CE310 User Manual

Data card


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Summary of Contents for Haier CE310

  • Page 2 Haier Technologies Co.., Ltd. Statement The contents of this manual maybe different with the modem please according to the modem. Haier reserves the right to revise this document or withdraw it at any time without prior notice.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS System Requirements .......................1 How to install RUIM and T-flash card ..................1 Appearance ..........................4 Basic Functions .........................7 Operation Guide ........................9 Care and maintenance ......................13 Important safety information .....................15...
  • Page 4: System Requirements

    Windows2000SP4/XP SP2/Vista Windows7/Mac 10.5/10.6 Hardware configuration should satisfy the demand of the operating system. Display Resolution:Above 800x600 Notice: If your PC has lower configuration,the performance of CE310 may be lower. How to install RUIM and T-flash card Remove the back casing Setup 1.
  • Page 5 Insert the T-flash card Setup 2. Insert the RUIM card Setup 3.
  • Page 6 Insert the back casing Setup 4.
  • Page 7: Appearance

  • Page 8 The appearance of the data card and introductions Name Description Short press: play/pause MP3. (1) Play/Pause key Long press: power on/ power off. Power on/power off: Red light keeps. No service state: Red light flash. Enter service area state: Blue light double flash. Connect state: Blue light fast flash.
  • Page 9 Long press left side up key: enter FM player mode. In FM player mode, long press left side up key to auto search (3) Left side up key channel. In FM player mode, switch channel. In Mp3/FM player mode, switch next Mp3/channel. Long press left side down key: enter MP3 player mode.
  • Page 10: Basic Functions

    Connect CE310 with PC, you can enjoy the functions brought by it as the following: 1. Surfing Internet 2. Voice Call 3.Messaging 4. Phonebook 5. MP3 6. FM 7. Record Basic Functions Power on/off In the power off status, long press the Play/Pause key to power on the data card.
  • Page 11 the radio card firstly. The frequency channels will be found according to local signal status. Each time change the channel, please press the button once. Notice: When you use it firstly,it will automatically search channel. You can long press left side down key to play the audio files collected in T-flash card. Each time change the audio file, please press the button once.
  • Page 12: Operation Guide

    2. Install CE310 Dialer & Driver 1. After inserting the CE310 into computer, if PC opens the auto run function. It will pop up an installation interface. If not, please go to CD as fig.1, open it and double click the “AutoRun.
  • Page 13 Fig1 2. It will install the Dialer & Driver automatically. 4. After installation, go back to desktop, click the icon of CE310 , then the main interface appears. Notice: Please allow the HaierDcService.exe run.
  • Page 14 The installation of CE310 is finished,you can use it. Uninstallation of Application Software 1. Exit Management procedures. 2. Remove the CE310 from the system, and then pull it out. 3. Open “add/remove program” in the control panel. 4. Accord the prompt, finish uninstallation.
  • Page 15 1.Connect CE310 with PC Connect CE310 with PC via USB. 2.Install CE310 Dialer & Driver 1. After inserting the CE310 into computer, click the icon of CE310 , double click the icon of “Haier Dialer Installer 1.00.pkg” ,click “Continue”, choose the Macintosh HD, click “Continue”...
  • Page 16: Care And Maintenance

    Please try to uninstall it and then install it again. cessfully Cannot find the device by Please check whether it can find the device from Device Dialer tool Manager. If not, please check whether you can see the CD “CE310 Dialer” from “My Computer”. If so, then eject the...
  • Page 17 Install driver error & conflicts Please go to the installation path (default as C:\Program Files\Haier Dialer) and run the “Auto clean register.bat” to clean the conflicted register item. Your radio card is a product of superior design and craftsmanship and should be treated with care.
  • Page 18: Important Safety Information

    devices, and warp or melt certain plastics. Do not store the radio card in cold areas. When it warms up (to its normal temperature), mois- ture can form inside, which may damage electronic circuit boards. Do not attempt to open the radio card. Non-expert handling may damage it. Do not drop, knock, or shake the radio card.
  • Page 19 the radio card may cause similar interference as any cellular terminal (e.g. mobile phone) and must not be used in areas where the use of any such device is prohibited. Use the radio card in its normal operating positions. Electronic devices Most modern electronic equipment is shielded from radio frequency (RF) signals.
  • Page 20 you may want to consult your service provider. Other medical devices Operation of any radio transmitting equipment, including radio cards, may interfere with the functionality of inadequately protected medical devices. Consult a physician or the manufacturer of the medical device to determine if they are ad- equately shielded from external RF energy or if you have any questions.
  • Page 21 dren to use the phone, battery, or charger without guidance. Do not allow children to put the battery in mouth, for electrolyte in the battery is poisonous. Do not allow children to touch the small fittings. Otherwise, suffocation or gullet jam can be caused if children swallow the small fittings.