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Haier WM220 User Manual page 12

User manual


and the Write SMS interface is displayed;
2.Enter the telephone number(s) by one of the following ways:
To enter one or more number directly: In the Contacts textbox, enter the
numbers separated by semicolons
To select a number from the Contacts: Click <Contacts>. Select one or more
contact(s) and click <OK>. Select the number to send a message in the pop-up
dialog box and click <OK>.
3.Input the message. The maximum length of each message is 160 characters.
4.Click <Send> to send message.
After the message is sent successfully, it is automatically saved to the Outbox.
If the message is sent unsuccessfully, the message is saved to Outbox.
Click <Save> to save message to the Draft.
Click <Clear> to clear the message content and number.
Click <Close> to close the window.
The WM220 supports to send a message to a group of up to 40 numbers.
A single message should be less than 160 characters. If the message that
you send more than 160 characters, it will be combine one long message to send,
but the long message at most can combine 765 characters will be send in one.
Replying a message
You can reply to a message directly in the inbox.