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Haier WM220 User Manual page 13

User manual


1. Select a message and click
2. The telephone number of the original sender appears automatically in the
blank filed behind <Contacts> and you can change it;
3. Input the content for the message to reply;
4. Click <Send> to reply a message.
Forwarding a message
In Inbox/Outbox, you can forward a message to other contacts.
1. Select a message and click
2. Input the telephone number to forward to, or click <Contacts> to select the
3. The content of the message to forward displays automatically in the text box.
You can edit it.
4. Click <Send> to forward a message.
Deleting a message
In Inbox/Outbox/Draft/Archive, you can delete a message.
1. Select one or more message(s) and click
2. Click <OK> to confirm.
Extracting a number
You can save the number of a message to the phonebook.
1. Select a message and click