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Haier WM220 User Manual page 5

User manual


Do not switch your wireless device on when the use of wireless devices is
prohibited or when the wireless device may cause interference or danger.
Observe the relevant regulation of the area or country where you are. Do not
use your wireless data card while driving to avoid traffic accident.
Follow relevant rules or regulations in hospitals and health care facilities.
Switch your wireless device off near medical devices.
Observe the rules and regulations of airline companies. Switch your wireless
device off in aircraft. The radio signal from it may cause interference to control
signals of the aircraft.
Switch your wireless device off near high-precision electronic devices. It may
affect the performance of these devices.
Do not attempt to disassemble your wireless device or its accessories.
Only qualified personnel may service or repair the wireless device.
Do not place your wireless device and its accessories in containers with strong
electromagnetic field.
Do not place magnetic storage media near your wireless device.
Radiation from the wireless device may erase the information stored on them.
Do not put your wireless device in a high-temperature place or use it in a place
with flammable gas such as a gas station.
The wireless data card is not water-resistant. Keep it dry. Protect the wireless