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Introduction - Haier WM220 User Manual

User manual



Thank you for using WM220 USB Modem. To guarantee the WM220 always in
its best condition, please read this manual carefully and keep it for further use.
The pictures, symbols and contents in this manual are just for your reference.
They might not be completely identical with your WM220.
Your WM220 packing box includes:
USB modem, extension line, user manual & warranty card
With the WM220, you can easily:
Access the Internet
View the statistics
Support for USSD Feature
Use the phonebook
Technical Standard: GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA/WCDMA
USB Interface Standard: USB Version 2.0 High Speed
Maximum Transmit Power: GSM 900: 32dBm; GSM 1800: 29dBm; GPRS/EDGE:
27dBm; HSDPA/WCDMA: 24dBm
Data Rate: GPRS: Uplink 64 Kbps (maximum), Downlink 64 Kbps
(maximum).EDGE: Uplink 64 Kbps (maximum), Downlink 114 Kbps (maximum).
3G: Uplink 64 Kbps (maximum), Downlink 384 (maximum). HSDPA: Uplink 64
Kbps (maximum), Downlink 3.6 Mbps (maximum)