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Haier WM220 User Manual page 16

User manual


1. Click
and the Contact interface is displayed;
2. Select an image for the current entry and edit the information of the entry;
3. Click <OK> to save a new contact to the phonebook.
Modifying a contact
1. Select a contact and click
2. Modify the relative information;
3. Click <OK> to save.
Deleting a contact
1. Select one or more contact(s) from the phonebook and click
2. Click <OK> to confirm.
Grouping in the phonebook
1. Click
and the Group interface is displayed;
2. Click <New> to create a new group;
Input the group name, and click <Edit Member> to add or delete the group
Click <OK> to save the group;
Click <Cancel> to close the window.
3. Select the group name and click <Edit> to modify the information of this group;
4. Select the group name and click <Delete> to delete this group;
5. Click <Close> to close the window.