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Haier WM220 User Manual page 17

User manual


Searching a contact
The WM220 provides the function of searching a contact in the phonebook.
1. Click
and the Search Contact interface is displayed;
2. Enter relevant searching terms in the value text box to click <Search>;
3. Click <Ahead> or <Next> to scroll among the entries which have been found.
Sending a message
The WM220 allow you to select a number from the phonebook and send a
1.Select a contact from the phonebook;
and the Write SMS interface is displayed;
3.The Name or number appears in the blank field behind the <Contacts>.
Input the content for the message and Click <Send>.
Transferring a contact among PC, USB Modem and USIM Card
You can import the contacts saved in the PC, USB Modem and USIM Card from
one to another.
and the Transfer Dialog is displayed;
2.Select the source location and target location in the drop-down box;
3.You can do follows:
<Copy Some>: Copy the selected phonebook entries to the target location;
<Move Some>: Move the selected phonebook entries from the source location