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Haier U56 User Manual page 11

User manual
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To make an international call, press * key until pre-fix symbol
for international
long-distance call appears on the screen.
You can enter international phone number according to following sequence:
+ Country code
Complete phone number
Send key
After pre-fix, enter country code and complete phone number you want to dial.
Similar to making an international call,
before city code should be removed.
Note: In some networks, it is not allowed to use
to dial international phone
Call options
In talking mode, press Left soft key
to enter talk options. Operation
method of talk options is the same as that of function menu.
Talk options can only be seen in the process of talk, and functions such as call
wait and Conference Call have to be supported by network. Please contact your
network provider.
You can directly enter phone number at current talk screen and press Send key
to dial new phone number.
In talk options, you can make following operations: Hold/Release call, End call,
New call, Contacts, Messages, Sound recorder, Mute, DTMF.
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