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Haier U56 User Manual page 10

User manual
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Send Key.
Answering the call
Answer or reject an incoming call
1.To answer the call, press the Send Key.
2.To reject the call, press the End Key.
Make domestic phone call
Use number keys to input phone number in standby state and then press SIM1/
SIM2 Send key to start the call. If the phone number needs to be changed, please
delete characters by pressing
on Right Soft Key. After the call, please
press End key to hang up the call.
You can enter domestic phone numbers according to the following:
Area code
Phone number
Send key
Call extension of fixed phone
Some fixed phone extension cannot be put through directly. Instead, you need to
enter exchange number first and hold * key. Then enter extension number when
appears on the screen.
You can dial fixed phone extension number according to following consequence:
Area code Exchange number w Extension number
Send key
Make international call



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