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Haier U56 User Manual page 13

User manual
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Add new contact
To add a new contact to SIM card or phone memory.
View the Memory status, Preferred storage, Fields, My vCard.
Caller groups
Set caller groups: Friends, Family, VIP , Business, Others.
Speed dial
1.Enable Speed dial, set number keys from 2 to 9.
2.In standby mode, long press number keys to dial the number you set.
Owner Number
View the number that is your owner phone number. Please note that this feature
can be used only if your service provider supports the owner number feature.
Multi Delete
Select several contacts to delete.
Multi Move
Select several contacts to move between SIM1, SIM2 and Phone memory.
Multi Copy
Select several contacts to copy between SIM1, SIM2 and Phone memory.
Export to card



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