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l i t e M a i l
F M S / V M S
o i c e M a i l U s e r G u i d e


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for NEC ELITEMAIL FMS-VMS

  • Page 1 l i t e M a i l F M S / V M S ™ o i c e M a i l U s e r G u i d e...
  • Page 2 F M S / V M S I L I T E A I L N F O Name ________________________________________________________ Extension Number_______________________________________________ Personal ID____________________________________________________ To reach EliteMail FMS/VMS: From Inside, dial______________________________________________ From Outside, dial_____________________________________________ System Manager_________________________________________________ Extension Number_______________________________________________ To simplify recording, write down your Greeting here: Sample: “Hi, this is__________.
  • Page 3 Softkey Functions: If you have a DTU-8D, DTU-16D, DTP-16HC or DTU-32D telephone set, you can use your telephone’s LCD display and the corresponding soft keys to listen to messages, manage live record sessions, screen your calls and change your setup options. Respond to system questions by dialing 1 for yes or 2 for no.
  • Page 4 Set live monitor options. Back Return to the previous menu level. Curr Create or change the current greeting. Switch Switch from the standard greeting to the alternate greeting, or from the alternate greeting to the standard greeting. Change your standard greeting. Change your internal greeting.
  • Page 5 a b l e o f C o n t e n t s 2 & 3 A G E S General Information 4 & 5 A G E S Getting Started 6 & 7 A G E S Call Forward Settings Calling Your Voice Mailbox 8 &...
  • Page 6 O N V E R S A T I O N The NEC EliteMail FMS/VMS system is based upon a conversation about your voice mailbox. Each time you enter your mailbox, you will be asked a series of...
  • Page 7 R A N S F E R E A T U R E The NEC EliteMail FMS/VMS systems simplify message taking by allowing you to transfer a call directly to a user’s voice mailbox where they will hear the personal greeting and be prompted to leave a message.
  • Page 8 e t t i n g S t a r t e d When you call the EliteMail FMS/VMS system for the first time, you will be asked to personalize your mailbox. Doing this will open your mailbox and make it ready to use. N T E R I N G O U R A I L B O X...
  • Page 9 O U R E C U R I T Y O D E Dial 1 for YES if you wish to enter a Security Code to safeguard your mailbox from unauthorized access, otherwise dial 2. Enter a Security Code of 3 to 10 digits via your telephone dialpad. Dial * to complete code entry.
  • Page 10 a l l F o w a r d S e t t i n g s ( C F B / N A ) A L L O R WA R D U S Y N S W E R The most frequent method of utilizing voice mail is to have calls forwarded to your mailbox when you are busy on another call or are away from your phone.
  • Page 11 a l l i n g Yo u r Vo i c e M a i l b o x Use this simple procedure every time you wish to access your Voice Mailbox. Lift handset press Speaker. Dial EliteMail FMS/VMS; wait for answer. NOTE: The EliteMail FMS/VMS extension number may be assigned to a One Touch key or Feature Access key.
  • Page 12 h e c k i n g M e s s a g e s QUICK KEY 4 Call your mailbox for new messages when you receive a Voice Mail message indication. Dial 1 for YES when asked, “You have ___ new messages. Would you like to hear them?”...
  • Page 13 e a v i n g M e s s a g e s QUICK KEY 5 Send messages to other EliteMail FMS/VMS users directly from your mailbox. Dial 1 for YES when asked, “Would you like to leave any messages?” Dial the first 3 letters of the name of the person or the group you want to send a message to dial # # and the mailbox number.
  • Page 14 E S S A G I N G I P S • If you are unsure of the spelling of the first 3 letters of the person’s name, use a “Wildcard Key,” typically 1 or 0, in place of one or more letters. This “wildcard”...
  • Page 15 e v i e w i n g M e s s a g e s QUICK KEY 6 Messages you’ve already listened to (old messages) can be reviewed for a short while (typically until midnight), be redirected to another mailbox or archived for a longer time.
  • Page 16 E E P I N G O U R A I L B O X U R R E N T Review and revise your Setup Options on a regular basis. R E E T I N G S • You can review the greetings you have recorded for internal and outside callers.
  • Page 17 h a n g i n g Yo u r S e t u p O p t i o n s QUICK KEY 7 You may personalize your mailbox to accommodate your current schedule or plans by changing your Setup Options. Dial 1 for YES, when asked “Would you like to access Setup Options?”...
  • Page 18 “Would you like to change your Transfer and Delivery Options?” Dial 1 for YES to change your Transfer or Delivery Options. A L L R A N S F E R E T T I N G Dial 1 to change your Call Transfer setting, otherwise dial 2 to advance to Message Delivery Options.
  • Page 19 E S S A G E E L I V E R Y P T I O N S Dial 1 for YES or 2 for NO to set Message Delivery to your work phone, home phone, pager or spare phone. Enter and confirm the telephone number.
  • Page 20 u i c k Tr a n s f e r To Vo i c e M a i l When transferring a call to a user who is away from their phone, busy or declines a Voice Announcement, the Quick Transfer to Voice Mail feature simplifies and speeds message taking.
  • Page 21 i v e R e c o r d Live Record allows you to record a conversation with an outside caller and direct it to your own or another user’s mailbox. With an outside call in progress: Press Record to begin recording the conversation. A tone burst may be provided and the Record key will light red to indicate that recording is in progress.
  • Page 22 i v e M o n i t o r i n g Live monitoring allows you to hear a message through the speaker of your phone as the message is being left by an outside caller. Only one call is monitored at a time, and live monitoring is available only when your phone is idle.
  • Page 23 A I N E N U R E E T I N G S D I T R O U P S Check New Messages Hear Current Greeting Add Members Leave Messages Switch Greetings Delete Members Review Old Messages Edit Standard Greeting List Members Change Setup Options Edit Alternate Greeting 7...
  • Page 24 Issue #2 11/00 For more information contact: NEC America, Inc. CPE Group 1555 Walnut Hill Lane ©2000 NEC America, Inc. The material Irving Texas 75038-3796 contained herein is subject to change 1 800 TEAM NEC without prior notice at the sole discretion of NEC America, Inc.