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   Summary of Contents for APRILIA ATLANTIC 125 - MANUEL 2

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  • Page 2: Safety Information

    © 2004 aprilia s.p.a. - Noale (VE) SAFETY INFORMATION TECHNICAL INFORMATION The following conventions are used to Any operations preceded by this identify safety information throughout the symbol must be repeated on the manual. opposite side of the vehicle. Unless expressly specified otherwise,...

  • Page 3

    The label is attached to United Kingdom Slovenia efforts to improve product design. Please the left-hand frame member. Remove the refer to your aprilia Official Dealer for any left inspection cover to give access to the Austria Israel doubts about the information contained in label, see pag.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents


  • Page 6: Basic Safety Rules

    Most road accidents are caused by Avoid obstacles that could damage the BASIC SAFETY RULES inexperienced riders. vehicle or make you lose control. To ride a motorcycle, you must satisfy NEVER lend the vehicle to beginners or Avoid riding in the slipstream created by certain legal requirements (driving licence, anyone unless you are sure they meet the preceding vehicles in order to increase...

  • Page 7

    ONLY ORIGINALS Keep your eyes on the road and pay close If necessary, have the vehicle inspected by Making changes to the vehicle and/or attention to other traffic. Do not smoke, eat, an a pr i l i a Offici al D eal er. Spe c ial r e m o v i n g o r i g i n a l c o m p o n e n t s c a n drink or read while riding.

  • Page 8: Clothing

    Do not keep any pointed or sharp objects, CLOTHING ACCESSORIES such as keys, pens, glass items, etc. in Always wear an approved safety helmet The owner of the vehicle is responsible for your pockets. They might cause injury in and fasten it securely. The helmet must not the choice, installation and use of any the event of a fall.

  • Page 9: Load

    Do not exceed the maximum load allowed. Use only genuine aprilia accessories. control of the vehicle. Excess load will make the vehicle unstable LOAD and affect steering.

  • Page 10: Product View

    A R R A N G E M E N T O F T H E M A I N ELEMENTS 1) Rear brake fluid reservoir 8) Converter air scoop 2) Bag hook 9) Passenger left footrest 3) Crash helmet compartment 10) Side stand 4) Seat lock 11) Left inspection cover...

  • Page 11

    1) Passenger grab rail 9) Auxiliary fuse carrier 2) Expansion tank 10) Horn 3) Coolant expansion tank plug 11) Fuel tank filler cap 4) Battery 12) Fuel tank 5) Main fuse carrier 13) Right inspection cover 6) Fuel filler cap flap 14) Spark plug 7) Front brake fluid reservoir 15) Passenger right footrest...

  • Page 12: Arrangement Of The Controls Instruments

    ARRANGEMENT OF THE CONTROLS / INSTRUMENTS INSTRUMENTS AND INDICATORS 6) Green right direction indicator light ( ARRANGEMENT OF THE CONTROLS / INSTRUMENTS - 7) Red ≈EFI∆ warning light 8) Green low beam light ( 1) Left rear-view mirror 9) Blue high beam light ( 2) Instruments and indicators 10) Amber low fuel light ( 3) Right rear-view mirror...

  • Page 13: Instruments And Indicators Table

    If the light comes on during normal engine operation, it means that there is a CAUTION failure in the anti-locking system. Stop the engine immediately and contact aprilia Official Dealer. Anti-theft device (immobilizer) light (where fitted). Blinks when the engine is off as a deterrent to prevent theft.

  • Page 14

    Description Function Indicates the approximate temperature of coolant in the engine. When the pointer begins to move away from Coolant temperature indicator ( the ≈Min∆ level, the engine is warm enough to ride. The central portion of the scale corresponds to normal running temperature range. If the pointer reaches the red area or the warning light comes on, stop the engine and check coolant level, see page 25 (COOLANT).

  • Page 15: Key Controls

    KEY CONTROLS CONTROLS ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE HANDLEBAR NOTE The electric components work only when the ignition switch is in position ≈ ∆ 1) HORN BUTTON ( Press it to operate the horn. 2) DIRECTION INDICATOR SWITCH ( Move the switch to the left in order to signal your intention to turn left;...

  • Page 16: Controls On The Right Side Of The Handlebar

    CAUTION Leaving the ignition switch in position “ ” when the engine is stopped may flatten the battery. After stopping the vehicle, stop the engine and then turn the ignition switch to position “ ”. 2) STARTER BUTTON ( When pressed, the starter button ≈ ≈, turns the engine over.

  • Page 17: Ignition Switch

    Position Function Key removal The steering is locked. n o t It is possible p o s s i b l e t o to remove the Steering lock s t a r t t h e key. e n g i n e switch on the lights N e i t h e r t h e...

  • Page 18: Digital Clock/date Display

    Press key (2), then key (1) to go back to NOTE normal operation. Have the clock battery replaced The bag hook (3) is mounted to the inner at an aprilia Official Dealer. shield at the front end. Maximum load allowed: 1.5 kg use and maintenance Atlantic 125/250...

  • Page 19: Tool Kit

    TOOL KIT UNLOCKING/LOCKING THE GLOVE COMPARTMENT SADDLE The tool kit (1) is fixed inside the helmet The glove compartment can accommodate compartment under the saddle. ◆ Insert the key (2) into the saddle lock. bulky objects when you leave your bike ◆...

  • Page 20: Power Socket

    POWER SOCKET ◆ A 12V power socket (1) is fitted inside the helmet compartment to recharge small appliances rated up to 180 W (mobile phone, inspection lamp, etc.). CAUTION Prolonged use of the power socket with the engine stopped may flatten the battery.

  • Page 21: Main Components

    MAIN COMPONENTS FUEL WARNING The fuel used to operate engines is highly flammable and becomes explosive under particular conditions. Refuelling and engine service should take place in a well-ventilated area with the engine stopped. Do not smoke when refuelling or in the proximity of sources of fuel vapours.

  • Page 22: Lubricants

    (3750 miles). (3750 miles). Handle carefully. Change transmission oil after the first 1000 Do not spill oil! Have engine oil changed at an aprilia km (625 miles) and then every 24.000 km Avoid smearing the components, the Official Dealer. (15000 miles) area in which you are working and the surrounding area.

  • Page 23: Brake Fluid - Recommendations

    THE ENVIRONMENT. signs of problems with the hydraulic circuits. Have brake fluid changed at an aprilia If in doubt about the braking efficiency Official Dealer every two years. of your bike or if you are not able to perform routine checks, contact an aprilia Official Dealer.

  • Page 24: Checking Brake Fluid Level

    This vehicle is fitted with front and MIN = minimum level. in good condition: rear disc brakes. Each braking system is Contact an aprilia Official Dealer and ◆ operated by an independent hydraulic have brake fluid level topped up. circuit. The information provided below applies to both braking systems.

  • Page 25: Coolant

    Do not ride when coolant is below the “MIN” level. Check coolant level at regular intervals and after a long trip; have it changed by an aprilia Official Dealer every two years. WARNING Coolant is toxic when ingested. Contact with eyes or skin may cause irritation.

  • Page 26: Checking And Topping Up

    Check that coolant level for leaks. Have the leak repaired at an expansion tank (3) is between the ≈MIN∆ aprilia Official Dealer. and ≈MAX∆ marks. ◆ Refit the inspection cover and ensure it = minimum level. MAX = maximum level.

  • Page 27: Tyres

    Inspect tread surface and check for wear. Badly worn tyres adversely affect traction and handling. Enquire about correct wear inspection procedure with your supplier. Old tyres may not ensure full grip due to material ageing – even when they are still within the wear limit –...

  • Page 28: Muffler/exhaust Silencer

    Have your tyres SOLO design. and wheels serviced at an aprilia Official FULL LOAD Dealer or a specialised tyre repairer. New Check the muffler/exhaust silencer and the (rider + passenger) tyres may be coated with an oily film.

  • Page 29: Instructions For Use

    Adjust and/or lubricate, if necessary. contact an aprilia Official Dealer. Engine oil Check and top up as required. Wheels/tyres Check tyre surface, inflation pressures. Check for wear or A quick check is done in no time, but damage.

  • Page 30: Starting

    Failure to heed these warnings may go out after three seconds, contact does not start, wait ten seconds and then lead to loss of conscience or even an aprilia Official Dealer press the button ≈ ∆ again. death. Do not stand on the vehicle when starting the engine.

  • Page 31

    When this is the case, stop the engine immediately and contact an aprilia Official Dealer. Do not use the vehicle when engine oil is low, or this will damage engine components.

  • Page 32: Moving Off - Riding

    Moving off: ◆ Release the throttle twistgrip (2) (Pos. A), apply the rear brake and take the vehicle off the stand. ◆ Mount on the vehicle. Keep one foot at least on the ground to help keep your balance. ◆ Adjust the rear-view mirrors.

  • Page 33

    WARNING When approaching a bend, slow down or brake in good time. Take the bend at steady speed or accelerate slightly. Late braking may put the vehicle into a skid. Use the brakes sparingly when riding downhill, or the brake lining may overheat and impair braking efficiency.

  • Page 34: Stopping

    these checks may lead to personal STOPPING injury to yourself or third persons, or vehicle damage. WARNING If possible, avoid stopping abruptly or Proper engine running-in is essential to s l o w i n g d o w n s u d d e n l y . B r a k e preserving engine life and performance progressively and in good time.

  • Page 35: Placing The Vehicle On The Stand

    ◆ Set the engine kill switch (1) to ≈ ∆. PLACING THE VEHICLE ON THE If possible, use the suitable aprilia STAND ≈Body-Guard∆ armoured cable or an ≈ Read page 34 (STOPPING) carefully.

  • Page 36: Maintenance

    Owner»s Manual. If you need assistance or technical advice, Never put any mechanical parts or other contact an aprilia Official Dealer for vehicle components in your mouth guaranteed accurate, prompt service. when you have both hands busy. None We recommend having the vehicle road- of the motorcycle components is edible.

  • Page 37: Periodic Maintenance Chart

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE CHART OPERATIONS TO BE CARRIED OUT BY THE aprilia Official Dealer (CAN BE CARRIED OUT BY THE USER AS WELL) Components Post running-in Every 6000 km Every 12000 km [1000 km (625 mi)] (3750 mi) or 8 months...

  • Page 38

    OPERATIONS TO BE CARRIED OUT BY THE aprilia Official Dealer Components Post running-in Every 6000 km Every 12000 km [1000 km (625 mi)] (3750 mi) or 8 months (7500 mi) or 16 months Idle mixture " Belt, converter rollers and plastic guides "...

  • Page 39: Identification Data

    ENGINE NUMBER IDENTIFICATION DATA FRAME NUMBER It is a good rule to write down the frame The engine number is stamped near the The frame number is stamped on the and engine numbers in the space provided lower support of the rear shock absorber. central frame tube.

  • Page 40: Additional Case

    ◆ ◆ Fit the box mounting plate (2) and Locate the front end (A) of the box to the ADDITIONAL CASE tighten the four screws (3). support on the mounting plate. Place the vehicle on the centre stand. Press down the rear end (B) of the box ◆...

  • Page 41: Checking And Topping Up Oil Level

    CAUTION Never let level exceed the «MAX» mark or drop below the «MIN» mark, as this may lead to severe engine damage. ◆ Top up if needed. TOPPING UP ◆ Pour a small quantity of oil into the filler opening (2). Allow one minute for oil to flow into the crankcase.

  • Page 42: Changing Engine Oil And The Engine Oil Filter

    This will allow the oil to settle into the oil Used oil contains substances that are pan and cool down. very dangerous for the environment. Have the oil changed at an aprilia Official ◆ Unscrew and extract the plug/dipstick Have the oil changed at an aprilia Dealer.

  • Page 43: Checking And Topping Up Transmission Oil Level

    TOPPING UP ◆ Pour a small quantity of oil into the filler opening. Allow one minute for oil to flow into the crankcase. ◆ Check level and top up if needed. ◆ Top up with small quantities of oil until obtaining the correct level.

  • Page 44: Changing Transmission Oil

    (2). R e a d p a g e 3 6 ( M A I N T E N A N C E ) Have oil changed at an aprilia Official ◆ Fill about 150 cc of the specified into the carefully.

  • Page 45: Checking The Brake Pads For Wear

    CHECKING THE BRAKE PADS FOR WEAR R e a d p a g e 2 3 ( B R A K E F L U I D - Recommendations), page 23 (DISK B R A K E S ) a n d p a g e (MAINTENANCE).

  • Page 46

    WARNING disc and brake pads proceeding as substrate, metal-to-metal contact with Have the parts replaced at an aprilia follows. the brake disc would lead to rattle and Official Dealer.

  • Page 47: Checking The Stand

    R e a d p a g e 3 6 ( M A I N T E N A N C E ) carefully. CAUTION Have front suspension oil changed at an aprilia Official Dealer, who can ensure you an accurate and prompt service. Have the front suspension oil changed every 30000 km (18750 miles) or every 4 The stand (1) must rotate freely.

  • Page 48: Rear Suspension Spring Preload Adjustment

    REAR SUSPENSION SPRING PRELOAD SETTING CHART Adjusting Rotate Rotate ring nut (arrow A) (arrow B) Effect R e d u c e s I n c r e a s e s spring preload spring preload Recommend Riding solo C a r r y i n g ed when passenger REAR SUSPENSION SPRING...

  • Page 49: Checking Engine Pivot Shaft

    ◆ If you feel any play, have the vehicle times. and their seats. serviced at an aprilia Official Dealer. Handle plastic and paint-finished ◆ If there is too much play, have the c o m p o n e n t s w i t h c a r e t o a v o i d vehicle serviced at an aprilia Official scratching or damage.

  • Page 50: Removing The Rear-view Mirrors

    REMOVING THE REAR-VIEW REMOVING THE FRONT COVER CAUTION MIRRORS R e a d p a g e 3 6 ( M A I N T E N A N C E ) Hold the rear-view mirror (4) in order to R e a d p a g e 3 6 ( M A I N T E N A N C E ) carefully prevent it from falling accidentally.

  • Page 51: Removing The Fairing

    ◆ Release and remove the two screws (7). REMOVING THE FAIRING IDLE SPEED ADJUSTMENT ◆ Release and remove the two screws (8). R e a d p a g e 3 6 ( M A I N T E N A N C E ) R e a d p a g e 3 6 ( M A I N T E N A N C E ) carefully.

  • Page 52: Throttle Twistgrip Adjustment

    Idle speed should remain steady. NOTE Do not disturb the mixture air screw or you will alter carburation setting. If needed, contact an aprilia Official Dealer. THROTTLE TWISTGRIP ◆ Attach an electronic rev meter to the ADJUSTMENT spark plug lead.

  • Page 53: Spark Plug

    ◆ Check the electrode gap with a feeler gauge. Electrode gap should be 0.7 √ 0.8 mm. If it needs adjusting, bend the earth electrode carefully. 0,7-0,8 mm 0,7-0,8 mm ◆ Make sure the washer is in good condition. Fit the washer and screw the spark plug finger-tight to avoid damaging the thread.

  • Page 54: Battery

    Provide proper ventilation while the BATTERY LONG INACTIVITY OF THE battery is under charging. Do not inhale BATTERY R e a d p a g e 3 6 ( M A I N T E N A N C E ) the gases produced by the battery When the vehicle is left unused for over a carefully.

  • Page 55: Removing The Battery Cover

    REMOVING THE BATTERY ◆ Remove battery cover, (REMOVING THE BATTERY COVER) at the side. ◆ Remove the battery breather hose (5). ◆ Disconnect the negative cable (-) first and then the positive (+) cable. ◆ Remove battery (6) from its seat and place it on a flat surface, in a dry environment.

  • Page 56: Checking Battery Fluid Level

    CHARGING THE BATTERY ◆ Remove the battery, see page 55 (REMOVING THE BATTERY). ◆ Remove the battery caps. ◆ Check battery fluid level, (CHECKING BATTERY FLUID LEVEL) at the side. ◆ Connect the battery to a battery charger. ◆ Recommended charge rate is 1/10th of battery capacity.

  • Page 57: Replacing The Fuses

    NOTE When you use one of the spare When this is the case, contact an aprilia fuses, remember to add a new fuse of Official Dealer. equal rating to the fuse box.

  • Page 58: Arrangement Of Main Fuses (battery Compartment)

    To set beam height: ARRANGEMENT OF MAIN FUSES VERTICAL ADJUSTMENT OF THE (BATTERY COMPARTMENT) HEADLIGHT BEAM ◆ Open the glove compartment (1) and press down gently on the side guides to √ 20-A fuse This is a quick beam inspection procedure. release.

  • Page 59: Horizontal Adjustment Of The Headlight Beam

    BULBS R e a d p a g e 3 6 ( M A I N T E N A N C E ) carefully. CAUTION Fire hazard! Keep fuel and other flammable products away from electric components. Before proceeding to change a bulb, rotate the ignition switch to “...

  • Page 60: Replacing The Headlight Bulbs

    REPLACING THE HEADLIGHT PARKING LIGHT BULB HIGH AND LOW BEAM BULBS BULBS Read page 59 (BULBS) carefully. Read page 59 (BULBS) carefully. NOTE CAUTION The parking light bulb may be Do not pull on the wiring to disconnect The headlight accommodates the following replaced without removing the headlight the bulb connector.

  • Page 61: Replacing The Tail Light Bulbs

    NOTE Insert the bulb (5) into the bulb holder (6) matching the two locating pegs with their guides in the bulb holder. ◆ Fit a new bulb of equal rating. Ensure it is positioned correctly. ◆ Reverse removal procedure to install the bulb.

  • Page 62: Replacing The Number Plate Bulb

    ◆ Fit a new bulb of equal rating. Ensure it REPLACING THE NUMBER PLATE REPLACING THE HELMET is positioned correctly. BULB COMPARTMENT LIGHT BULB NOTE Make sure to position the lens (4) Read page 59 (BULBS) carefully. Read page 59 (BULBS) carefully. correctly into its seat on assembly.

  • Page 63: Transport

    TRANSPORT DRAINING THE FUEL TANK ◆ Place the vehicle on the centre stand on WARNING firm and level ground. Read page 21 (FUEL) carefully. Before transporting the vehicle, drain ◆ Stop the engine and wait until it has all fuel from the fuel tank and make sure cooled down.

  • Page 64: Cleaning

    CLEANING WARNING CAUTION Braking efficiency may be temporarily Wash the vehicle thoroughly before impaired after washing the vehicle, as the applying silicone wax. friction surfaces of the braking systems Do not polish matt-painted surfaces may be wet. with polishing paste. Remember that braking distance will be Do not wash the vehicle under the sun, longer.

  • Page 65: Long Inactivity

    ◆ ◆ Set the ignition switch to ≈ ∆ and press Wrap and tie a plastic bag around the LONG INACTIVITY the engine starter button ≈ ∆ for a few exhaust pipe opening to keep moisture When storing the vehicle away for long seconds to let oil spread evenly all over out.

  • Page 66: Technical Data

    TECHNICAL DATA Dimensions Max length 2085 mm Max width 785 mm Max height (incl. windshield) 1370 mm Rider saddle height 790 mm Wheelbase 1470 mm Wheelbase 1480 mm Minimum ground clearance 190 mm Weight in running order 162 Kg Weight in running order 170 Kg Engine Make...

  • Page 67

    Fuel reserve Engine oil - engine oil change 1000 cu cm - engine oil and engine oil filter change 1100 cu cm - oil change at engine overhaul 1150 cu cm Transmission oil 150 cu cm Cooling system 1200 cu cm Saddle Twin-seater Max load (rider +passenger +luggage)

  • Page 68

    Front 200 Kpa Rear 220 Kpa INFLATION PRESSURES FOR CARRYING A PASSENGER Front 220 Kpa Rear 240 Kpa Ignition Type Capacitive discharge, variable spark advance Timing advance Variable, controlled by the ECU 5°/min - 24°/>4000 rpm Timing advance Variable, controlled by the ECU 4°/min - 15°/4000 -6000 rpm Spark plug Standard...

  • Page 69: Lubricant Chart

    LUBRICANT CHART (Recommended) engine oil: SUPERBIKE 4, SAE 5W - 40 or 4T FORMULA RACING, SAE 5W - 40. As an alternative to recommended oils, top brand oils meeting or exceeding A.P.I. SJ specifications can be used. (Recommended) transmission oil: F.C., SAE 75W - 90 or GEAR SYNTH, SAE 75W - 90.

  • Page 70

    WIRING DIAGRAM - Atlantic 125 - 250 10 11 PAS. LOCK 6 5 4 3 31 58 54 31 58 54 R/Ar Gr/N 4 5 6 use and maintenance Atlantic 125/250...

  • Page 71

    WIRING DIAGRAM KEY - Atlantic 125 - 250 1) Multiple connectors 27) Left parking/brake light bulb 53) Compartment light 2) High beam warning light 28) - 54) Front right direction indicator 3) Low fuel light 29) Right parking/brake light bulb 55) High beam lamp 4) Parking light warning light 30) Rear right direction indicator...

  • Page 72: Official Dealers And Service Centres

    When you demand aprilia Original Parts, you are purchasing products that have been developed and tested as early as the vehicle design stage. aprilia Original Parts systematically undergo strict quality control procedures to ensure total reliability and long service life.

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