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Finishing Options - Xerox 5790 Reference Manual

Xerox 5790: reference guide
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Expectation Setting Document for Fiery ZX-6 v1.1
Digital Front End for 5790 and DocuColor 5750/ 5799
Enables the Fiery ZX-6 to independently adjust and correct any combination of RGB, CMYK, and
Pantone Spot Color data supplied to the Fiery ZX-6 controller to provide accurate color rendition
when printing with the 5790 or DocuColor 5750 / 5799 IOTs.
This architecture supports Appletalk, TCP/IP (Ethernet/Token Ring), Native Novell 4.0 (NDS),
Novell 3.x (bindery), 10/100BaseT standard support, and Native Win 95 printing concurrently.
Additionally, this architecture allows the Fiery ZX-6 to bind multiple frame types and protocols to the
Ethernet or optional Token Ring card for auto-switching and detection.
PostScript 3:
The Fiery ZX-6 is a true Adobe PostScript 3 controller.
Upgrade Strategy
The Fiery ZX-6 can be upgraded to the Fiery ZX-9 configuration as a purchasable option.
Due to the differences in hardware, the XJ+ 325 can not be upgraded to the Fiery ZX-6. These differences also
prevent the Fiery ZX-6 system and client software from supporting the XJ+ 325 hardware platform.

Finishing Options

The Sorter is supported.
Uses IPX or TCP/IP for Win 95 and Win NT 4.0.
Does not support Win 3.1 or UNIX.
The Downloader utility on Mac requires AppleTalk.
Java capable browser platforms only
Currently, the only fully enabled Java browsers are Windows 95, Win NT, and UNIX.
Mac platforms and Win 3.11 may not fully support WebTools.
Customers can calibrate using AutoCal 2.
Fiery Print Calibrator is only available through the optional Command WorkStation to calibrate the Fiery ZX-6
server and requires the use of an X-Rite DPT32 densitometer (not included with the system).
Color monitor calibration is the responsibility of the customer.
Optimal print quality is achieved by using the optional densitometer. For RGB emitting applications (PowerPoint,
Word, and Excel), use the 5790 or DocuColor 5750 / 5799 calibration target. For CMYK applications (Quark,
Pagemaker) use the SWOP target.
Print Quality and Color Management
The appearance of the document displayed on the monitor screen may not match the output print because the
monitor uses RGB color space parameters.
For imported RGB images, optimal color is achieved in the EPS format. Other imported file formats may produce
unexpected results.
Terms and product names used in this document may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies and are hereby acknowledged.
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