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Viewsonic Pro8400 User Manual: Replacing The Lamp

Viewsonic pro8400: user guide.
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Replacing the Lamp

As the projector operates over time, the brightness of the projector lamp gradually
decreases and the lamp becomes more susceptible to breakage. We recommend
replacing the lamp if a warning message is displayed. Do not attempt to replace the
lamp yourself. Contact the qualified service personnel for replacement.
The lamp is extremely hot right after turning off the projector. If you touch the
lamp, you may scald your finger. When you replace the lamp, wait for at least
45 minutes for the lamp to cool down.
Do not touch the lamp glass at any time. The lamp may explode due to
improper handling, including the touching of the lamp glass.
Lamp lifetime may differ from lamp to lamp and according to the environment
of use. There is no guarantee of the same lifetime for each lamp. Some lamps
may fail or terminate their lifetime in a shorter period of time than other similar
A lamp may explode as a result of vibration, shock or degradation as a result of
hours of use as its lifetime draws to an end. Risk of explosion may differ
according to the environment or conditions in which the projector and lamp are
being used.
Wear protective gloves and eyeglasses when fixing or detaching the lamp.
Faster on-off-cycles will damage the lamp and reduce lamp life. Wait at least
for 5 minutes to turn off the projector after powering on.
Do not operate the lamp in proximity to paper, cloth, or other combustible
material nor cover it with such materials.
Do not operate the lamp in an atmosphere containing an inflammable
substance, such as thinner.
Thoroughly ventilate the area or the room when operating the lamp in an
oxygen atmosphere (in the air). If ozone is inhaled, it could cause headaches,
nausea, dizziness, and other symptoms.
The inorganic mercury is involved in the lamp. If the lamp bursts, the mercury
inside the lamp will be exposed. Leave the area immediately if the lamp
shatters while being operated and ventilate the area for at least 30 minutes in
order to avoid the inhalation of mercury fumes. Otherwise it could be harmful to
user's health.
ViewSonic Pro8400


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