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Viewsonic Pro8400 User Manual Page 34

Viewsonic pro8400: user guide.
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Use this function to allow the fans operates at full speed continuously to achieve proper high
altitude cooling of the projector.
Quick Power On
Enable the projector to turn on automatically after the power cord has been connected
and power has been applied.
Quick Power Off
Enable the projector to turn off quickly.
DC 12V Trigger
Enable or disable to trigger external devices such as an electric screen.
Set or delete the password. When the password function is added, image projection will
require to input the preset password when turning on the projector.
Blank Screen
Blank the screen temporarily, and select the screen color when this function is active.
OSD Setting
Allow you to enter the OSD Setting menu.
Menu Position: Choose the menu location on the display screen.
OSD Timeout: Duration of OSD menu display countly starts (at idle state by
OSD Transparency: Select to change the transparency level of the OSD
Closed Caption
Enable or disable closed captions by selecting CC1 (closed caption1, the most common
channel), CC2, CC3, CC4, T1, T2 or OFF.
Allow you to enter the Others menu.
Message: Enable or disable the message box at the right bottom of the screen.
Zoom: Zoom in and out the images.
DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio): Enable DCR will further enhance contrast ratio
by darkening the black scenes. Disable DCR will resume to normal contrast
performance. DCR will impact lamp life and system noise performance.
Test Pattern: Display embedded test pattern.
Display Type
Allow user to select PIP (Picture in Picture) screen, POP (Picture on Picture) screen or
disable PIP/POP function.
ViewSonic Pro8400


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