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Viewsonic pro8400: user guide.
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Infrastructure: A wireless networking bridges (joins) a wireless network to a
wired Ethernet network.
DHCP: Abbreviation for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. This protocol
automatically assigns IP Address to networked devices.
When the "DHCP" sets to "Yes", it takes some time to obtain IP address from
DHCP server.
When the "DHCP" sets to "No", that means user will set IP address by
IP Address: Numerical address to identify networked computers. This function
can only be used when DHCP is set to No.
The IP Address is the number that identifies this projector on the network.
You cannot have two devices with the same IP Address on the same
The IP Address "" is prohibited.
Subnet Mask: A numeric value to define the number of bits used for a network
address of a divided network (or subnet) in an IP Address. This function can only
be used when DHCP is set to No.
The Subnet Mask "" is prohibited.
Apply: Save and execute the wireless LAN settings.
Input Source
Display the current input source.
Display current input source resolution.
H. Frequency
Display current image horizontal frequency.
V. Frequency
Display current image vertical frequency.
MAC Address
Abbreviation for Media Access Control Address. MAC Address is a unique ID number
assigned to each network adapter.
Filter Hours
Display the filter's elapsed operating time (in hours).
When Filter Mode is turned on, the Filter Hours also turns on automatically.
Filter Hours Reset
Reset the filter Hour to 0 hours.
Equivalent Lamp Hours
ViewSonic Pro8400


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