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Using The Media; Handling And Caring For The Media - Lenovo GP20N User Manual

Usb portable dvd burner
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Using the media

This section contains important information and instructions on how
to use the media in the drive.

Handling and caring for the media

Carefully handle and clean media, especially writable media types
such as CD-R and CD-RW media, so that they remain readable. You
can prolong the life of your media by using these precautions:
• Always store media in their original packaging.
• Always store media out of direct sunlight.
• Always store media away from direct heat sources.
• Remove media from the computer when not in use.
• Check media for cracks before each use.
IMPORTANT: Do not use media that are cracked.
• Do not force media into the computer or packaging.
• Do not bend or flex media.
• Do not use commercial cleaners to clean media.
• Do not write on the surface of media.
• Handle media by the edges or the center hole.
• Do not touch the surface of media.
• To remove dust or fingerprints, wipe media from the center to the
edge with a soft, lint-free cloth.
Attention: Wiping a medium using a circular motion can cause data loss.
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