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Lenovo GP20N User Manual page 31

Usb portable dvd burner
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You cannot read from the CD or DVD medium after successfully
writing to it.
To solve the problem, do the following:
1. If you can view the CD or DVD medium in another CD or DVD
player or you can see previous sessions, the directory information
might be damaged on the volume, making it unreadable.
2. You might have a damaged CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RAM,
or DVD-RW medium. Try a new medium or another brand of CD
or DVD medium.
3. If you can read from a CD-RW, DVD-RAM, or DVD-RW medium
in the writing drive, but not in another Multi-Read drive, make
sure that a correct CD/DVD reader program is installed in the
4. Avoid writing at the slower 1X speed unless required by your
5. Make sure both the USB data cable and the USB power cable are
Chapter 4. Troubleshooting 17



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