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Maintaining The Drive; Caring For The Drive; Cleaning The Drive - Lenovo GP20N User Manual

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Maintaining the drive

This section provides maintenance information for the drive.

Caring for the drive

To protect your drive during operation, observe these precautions:
• Remove the medium from the drive before moving the drive.
• Do not insert foreign objects into the drive.
• Do not stack objects on the drive.
• Do not remove the drive cover or attempt to service the drive.
• Do not push hard on the top of the drive.
• Do not operate the drive under any of these conditions:
– High temperature, high humidity, or direct sunlight
– Excessive vibration, sudden shock, or inclined surface
– Excessive dust

Cleaning the drive

Wipe off the dust on the drive using a soft cloth. If the dust is
persistent, use a cloth dampened with a diluted neutral detergent
after squeezing all the water out. If liquid is allowed into the drive, it
may cause a serious malfunction, an electric shock or a fire. When
cleaning with liquid, be sure to remove the USB power cable and the
USB data cable from the drive after disconnecting the drive from
your computer.
Do not apply solvents such as benzene or thinner. Chemical cleaners
for home or industrial use may damage the coating of the drive.
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