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Hardware And Software Requirements - Lenovo GP20N User Manual

Usb portable dvd burner
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4 Emergency eject
5 DC IN connector
6 USB connector

Hardware and software requirements

To use the drive, your computer must meet the following
• Two USB 2.0 connectors available
• Microsoft
Attention: An electrical locking mechanism is
used in this drive so that an erroneous operation
does not open the to disc tray during write. Make
sure that the power is on and the drive is not in
operation before pressing the Eject button to open
the disc tray.
If the disc tray cannot be opened when you press
the Eject button, or if the disc tray needs to be
opened when the power is not supplied from the
USB power cable, use the emergency eject hole 4
in the front panel of the drive.
Check that nothing is placed in front of the disc
tray when ejecting.
The emergency eject is used for ejecting the
medium in an emergency when the drive is
powered off. Insert a paper clip into the
emergency eject hole to open the disc tray.
Used to connect the USB power cable.
Used to connect the USB data cable.
XP or Microsoft Windows Vista
Chapter 1. About the Lenovo USB Portable DVD Burner 3



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