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Locating The Controls - Lenovo GP20N User Manual

Usb portable dvd burner
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Locating the controls

The following figure shows the locations of the controls on the drive.
1 Disc tray
2 LED indicator
3 Eject button
2 Lenovo USB Portable DVD Burner GP20N User Guide
Used to firmly seat the medium with the label
facing up on the disc tray.
Attention: Push the CD/DVD medium down
until it clicks and is secured in the center.
The LED indicates the status of the drive.
• LED blinks once: indicates that the drive is
powered by the computer no matter you
connect the USB data cable or USB power
cable to your computer; or indicates that you
have pressed the Eject button and the disc tray
will be ejected.
• LED blinks and stops: indicates that the drive
detects no data.
• LED glitters: indicates that the drive is writing
or reading the data on the medium.
Press this button to open the disc tray.



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