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Lenovo GP20N User Manual page 30

Usb portable dvd burner
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You cannot successfully write to a CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R,
DVD-RAM, or DVD-RW medium.
To solve the problem, do the following:
1. Make sure both the USB data cable and the USB power cable are
2. Verify that the process is not being interrupted by a screen saver,
an antivirus program, an Internet or e-mail program, or other
software. Disable the functions that might interrupt the write
Note: Replace the medium if it is damaged or scratched.
3. Verify that the hard disk has been defragmented.
4. Consult the hard disk drive manufacturer or vendor if an older
hard disk drive is conducting a thermal recalibration during a
write operation.
5. Disable the Windows Auto Insert Notify function on your optical
CD-ROM and CD-RW drives.
You cannot eject a CD or DVD medium.
To solve the problem, ensure that the drive is not in the process of
writing to a medium, and then do the following:
1. Right-click on the drive in My Computer.
2. Select Eject to eject the medium.
3. Turn off the computer. Wait 45 seconds; then turn on the
computer and press the Eject button again.
4. If the above actions do not work, use the emergency eject. See
"Manually ejecting the media" on page 8.
16 Lenovo USB Portable DVD Burner GP20N User Guide



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