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Usb dvd burner
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Disc tray
Status indicator
Eject button
Emergency- eject hole
USB cable with USB A

System requirements

Before installing the drive, ensure that your computer meets the following requirements:
• Your computer has two USB 2.0 connectors or one USB 3.0 connector available.
• Your computer has one of the following operating systems installed:
– Microsoft
– Microsoft Windows 7
– Microsoft Windows 8
– Microsoft Windows 8.1

Software description

The Software and User Guide Disc contains the following software:
• PowerDVD Create
This software enables you to create media that can be played in most players. You can add your own
videos and create custom menus for videos that you create. You can use this software to edit and modify
your own video assets prior to recording. You also can use this software to import and edit unprotected
discs. If your computer has an analog, a USB, or an IEEE 1394 capture device (integrated or external), you
can use this software to record videos from a camera.
• PowerDVD
This software enables you to play back DVD videos on your computer or to play video files from the drive.
ThinkPad UltraSlim USB DVD Burner User Guide
Used to firmly seat the disc with the label facing up in the disc tray.
Note: Press the disc down until it clicks into place and is secured in the center.
When the drive is successfully connected with the computer, the status indicator is
solid on.
Press this button to open the disc tray.
Attention: To avoid possible damage, ensure that the power is on and the drive is not in
operation before pressing the eject button to open the disc tray. Ensure that nothing is
placed in front of the disc tray when ejecting.
If the disc tray cannot be opened when you press the eject button, or if the disc tray
needs to be opened when the power is not supplied, use the emergency- eject hole
in the front panel of the drive.
The emergency-eject hole is used for ejecting the disc in an emergency when the drive is
powered off. Insert a paper clip into the emergency eject hole to open the disc tray.
Used to connect to the computer or USB Y cable.

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Table of Contents

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