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HP Metal Jet S100 Product Documentation page 8

Powder removal station
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Do not place the equipment in a hazardous location area, keep it separated from other equipment
that could create a combustible dust cloud or explosive gas atmospheres during its operation.
Auxiliary post-processing equipment must be suitable for combustible metal dust.
Stop operation immediately if sparks, flames, or powder and/or liquid spillage is seen and call your
HP service representative before continuing.
All personnel, when handling combustible dust, should be freed from static electricity by using
conductive or dissipative footwear and clothing, and a dissipative floor.
Keep the safety lid on top of the build unit at all times when it is outside of host equipment
Use powder complying with HP guidelines, as follows:
Explosion characteristics acceptance criteria:
Minimum Ignition Temperature (MIT) 360°C or higher
Layer Ignition Temperature (LIT) 375°C or higher
Auto Ignition Temperature (AIT) 375°C or higher
Minimum Ignition Energy (MIE) 100 mJ or higher at process temperature
Minimum Explosion Concentration (MEC) 350 g/m³ or higher
Kst 200 bar·m/s or less
ST grade 1 or less
Minimum particle size (d10) > 2 μm
Non-reactive with other materials or HP agents (see the safety data sheets for the agents on the HP
website at the following link:, stable
There is no support for the powder removal station, customers takes full responsibility for it.
static charges and keep away from sources of ignition. Unpacking parts can cause dust clouds. Keep a
clear area of at least 2 m (78.7 in) around electric/electronic devices or any source of ignition.
before extracting the it from the cure station to unpack it. An earth connection from the build unit is
required when unpacking parts; you must use static earthing clamps connected to the build unit during
the process.
Electric shock hazard
The internal circuits of the electrical cabinet, motors, ultrasounds converter, heating systems and build
unit operate at hazardous voltages capable of causing death or serious personal injury.
Turn off the equipment using the branch circuit breakers located in the building's Power Distribution Unit
(PDU) before servicing. The equipment must be connected to earth at mains outlets only.
To avoid the risk of electric shock:
Dust clouds can form explosive mixtures with air. Take precautionary measures against
As the build unit operates at a high temperature while curing, you must wait for it to cool
High leakage current! The equipment must be connected to earth at all times.
Electric shock hazard



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