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HP Metal Jet S100 Product Documentation page 20

Powder removal station
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Warning labels (continued)
Emergency stop buttons
There are emergency stop buttons on the powder management station. If an emergency occurs, push
an emergency stop button to stop all processes.
The emergency stop buttons on the powder management station are located on the e-cabinet and
below the front panel; their effect is to stop the motors, the powder discharge valves, and the station's
general air pressure.
An explosion-protected vacuum cleaner certified
for collection of metal combustible dust is required for
Do not sweep the dust or try to remove it with a compressed-
air gun.
Follow maintenance, cleaning tasks and housekeeping to
ensure correct operation and safety. Inside and outside,
the equipment should be cleaned regularly to avoid dust
Refer to the material safety data sheet (SDS) and meet local
regulations. Disposal as per local laws.
In addition, take measures to mitigate material spillage and
avoid potential ignition sources such as ESD (electrostatic
discharges), flames and sparks. Do not smoke nearby.
Work platform recommended.
Operation and maintenance task may require the use of a
ladder or work platform to reach remote parts.
Be careful when you step down.
Protective conductor connecting point.
Protective earth terminal marked with PE for qualified
electricians during mains connection.
Earth connection essential before connecting supply.
Ensure proper bonding after a repair.
Protective bonding conductor are identified by bi-color
combination GREEN-AND-YELLOW.
Functional bonding conductor connecting point.
Bonding connection required against maloperation.
Emergency stop buttons



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