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System Errors; Power Specifications - HP Metal Jet S100 Product Documentation

Powder removal station
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Powder management station home screen
Change system options
You can change various system options from the front panel.

System errors

The front panel may occasionally display a system error, consisting of a numerical code of 12 digits
followed by the recommended action that you should take.
In most cases you will be asked to restart the system. When the system restarts, it can diagnose the
issue better and may be able to fix it automatically. If the problem persists after restarting, contact your
service representative and be ready to give the numerical code from the error message. If the error
message contains some other recommended action, follow the instructions.

Power specifications

Specifications of the powder management station, circuit breaker, and power cable.
Powder removal station specifications
Number of power lines
Input voltage (line to neutral)
Input frequency
Power consumption (typical)
Maximum load current (per phase)
Europe/International Electrotechnical
Commission (IEC) earthing system
United States/National Electrical Code
(NEC) grounding system
3 lines + PE
380-415/480 V (±10%)
50/60 Hz
4 kW
7 A
TT or TN
Solidly grounded wye (star), 3 phases, 4 wires
Change system options



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