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HP Metal Jet S100 Product Documentation page 12

Powder removal station
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Sound Pressure Level measured per ISO 11202 at by-standing positions is < 70dB(A).
Curing station
Declared dual-number noise-emission values in accordance with ISO 4871:
LpA = 71 dB(A)
KpA = 5 dB
Powder management
The emitted sound pressure level could exceed 70dB(A) when filling the load station's input tanks. The
maximum emitted sound pressure level is below 80 dB(A) (measurements according to ISO 11201).
Hearing protection may be required as per local laws; consult your environmental, health, and safety
(EHS) specialist.
Declared dual-number noise-emission values in accordance with ISO 4871:
LpA = 73 dB(A)
KpA = 5 dB
In case of equipment relocation, remove all material (powder) and consumables.
The customer takes full responsibility for moving equipment, the use of auxiliary lifting/carrying aids,
and providing the required personnel. Refer to the
for more information.
Build unit transport
Special care must be taken to avoid personal injury when moving the build unit.
Always wear personal protective equipment including boots and gloves.
Keep the safety lid on top of the build unit at all times, except when it is inside another equipment.
Steer the build unit only using the handle.
Move the build unit over smooth, flat surfaces without steps.
Move with care and avoid shocks during transport, which could spill the powder.
Lock the front casters when not moving the build unit. Remember to unlock them before moving it.
Before transporting the build unit; check that the safety lid is well attached to it, with the two clamps
Take care when handling the safety lid; carry it with the two handles provided and ensure to attach it
correctly to the build unit or store it securely in the designated way.
Move the build unit over smooth flat surfaces without steps. Maximum ramp allowed TBD%.
Site Preparation Guide , " Moving equipment " section