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HP Metal Jet S100 Product Documentation page 10

Powder removal station
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To avoid the risk of fire, take the following precautions:
Use the power supply voltage specified on the nameplate.
Connect the electrical supply cable to a dedicated line, protected by a branch circuit breaker
according to the information detailed in the site preparation guide.
Call your service representative if the built-in Residual Current Circuit Breaker (Ground Fault Circuit
Interrupter) is repeatedly tripped.
Do not insert objects through slots in the equipment.
Take care not to spill liquid on the equipment. After cleaning, make sure all components are dry
before using the equipment again.
Do not use aerosol products that contain flammable gases inside or around the equipment. Do not
operate the equipment in an explosive atmosphere.
Do not attempt to modify the electrical cabinet, or any enclosure of the machine.
Proper maintenance and genuine HP consumables are required to ensure that the equipment
operates safely as designed. The use of non-HP consumables may present a risk of fire.
Take special care with zones marked with warning labels.
Do not place objects covering the enclosures or air ventilation.
Do not leave tools or other materials inside equipment after maintenance or servicing.
in case of incidental fire. Wear self-contained pressure-demand breathing apparatus and full
protective gear. Your EHS specialist should consult the safety data sheet (SDS) about each powder,
available on the HP website at the following link:, and advise on the
appropriate measures for your location.
Mechanical hazard
The equipment has moving parts that could cause injury.
To avoid personal injury, take the following precautions when working close to the equipment.
Keep your clothing and all parts of your body away from moving parts.
Avoid wearing necklaces, bracelets, and other hanging objects.
If your hair is long, try to secure it so that it will not fall into the equipment.
Take care that sleeves or gloves do not get caught in moving parts.
Do not operate the equipment with components bypassed.
Take care when handling the safety lid; take it by the two handles provided and ensure you fix it well
to the build unit or securely store it in its storage position.
For more information see and
Do not use a jet of water, as it could scatter and spread the fire.
Depending on the powder used, some unhealthy substances can be released into the air
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Mechanical hazard



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