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HP Metal Jet S100 Product Documentation page 5

Powder removal station
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Perform the recommended maintenance and cleaning tasks to ensure the correct and safe operation of
the equipment.
You are expected to have the appropriate technical training and experience necessary to be aware
of hazards to which you may be exposed in performing a task, and to take appropriate measures to
minimize the risks to yourself and to others.
Operations must be supervised at all times.
The equipment is stationary, and should be located in a restricted-access area, for authorized personnel
General safety guidelines
Follow the advice at all times for your personal safety.
Turn off all equipment, using the branch circuit breakers located in the building's Power Distribution Unit
(PDU), and call your service representative in any of the following cases:
The electrical supply cable is damaged.
The equipment has been damaged by an impact.
Liquid has entered the equipment.
The heating subsystem and enclosures are damaged, the glass is missing or broken, or the sealing
is defective.
There is smoke or an unusual smell coming from the equipment.
The built-in Residual Current Circuit Breaker (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) has been repeatedly
Fuses have blown.
The equipment is not operating normally.
There is any mechanical or enclosure damage.
Turn off the equipment using the branch circuit breakers in either of the following cases:
During a thunderstorm.
During a power failure.
Operate the equipment only within the specified ranges of operating temperature and humidity; see the
site preparation guide.
The equipment should always be kept in the same environmental conditions.
Use HP-certified and HP-branded agents only. Do not use unauthorized third-party agents.
The area in which the equipment is installed should be free from liquid spillage and environmental
Users and operators must be trained for explosive atmospheres and associated hazards during
cleaning and maintenance operations, according to local laws and company requirements.
Chapter 1 HP Metal Jet S100 Powder Removal Station Introductory Information