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HP Metal Jet S100 Product Documentation page 6

Powder removal station
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Ensure that there is no condensation inside the equipment before turning it on.
Take special care with zones marked with warning labels.
Use HP-certified equipment and accessories only. The use of third-party equipment and accessories
can cause safety risks, powder leakages, and malfunctions in the printer; and may affect your system
In case of unexpected malfunction, anomaly, ESD (ElectroStatic Discharges), or electromagnetic
interference, press the emergency stop button and disconnect the equipment. If the problem persists,
contact your support representative.
Do not repair or replace any part of the equipment or attempt any servicing unless specifically
recommended in the user-maintenance instructions or in published user-repair instructions that you
understand and have the skills to carry out.
Do not attempt to repair, disassemble, or modify the equipment by yourself; and do not use any part
other than original HP spare parts.
To repair or reinstall the equipment, please contact your nearest service authorized provider; otherwise
you may experience electric shock, fire, problems with the product, or injury.
Final parts/builds
The customer assumes all risk relating to or arising from the 3D printed parts.
The customer is solely responsible for the evaluation of and determination of the suitability and
compliance with applicable regulations of the products and/or 3D printed parts for any use, especially
for uses (including but not limited to medical/dental, food contact, automotive, heavy industry, and
consumer products) that are regulated by US, EU, and other applicable governments.
Explosion hazard
Your product may produce combustible metal dust.
precautionary measures against static charges, and keep away from sources of ignition (hot surfaces,
hot flames or gases, mechanical sparks, electrical equipment, electromagnetic waves, exothermic
reactions including self-combustion of solids).
The equipment is not intended for hazardous locations or ATEX classified zones: ordinary
locations only.
To avoid the risk of explosion, take the following precautions:
The customer takes full responsibility for assessing the customer's site according to the Explosion
Protection Document (EPD), Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA), or any required document of the local
jurisdiction of the country where the equipment is installed, to avoid the risk of explosion.
Smoking, candles, welding, and open flames should be forbidden close to the equipment or powder
storage area.
Hot surfaces, hot flames and gases, and mechanical and electrical sparks, only can be generated
during maintenance or repair operations (use of a permit work system according to the service
Combustible dust clouds and flammable vapors can form explosive mixtures with air. Take
Final parts/builds



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