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Panasonic Toughbook CF-U1AQB1G2M Operating Instructions Manual page 6

Panasonic toughbook cf-u1aqb1g2m: user guide
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Read Me First
This device has been designed to
operate with the WWAN antenna hav-
ing a maximum gain of 2.23 dB for the
cellular band and 3.84 dB for the PCS
band. WWAN anenna having a higher
gain is strictly prohibited per regula-
tions of Industry Canada. The Required
antenna impedance is 50 ohms.
To reduce potential radio interference
Information to the User
<Only for model with wireless LAN/
This product and your Health
This product, like other radio devices,
emits radio frequency electromagnetic
energy. The level of energy emitted by
this product however is far much less
than the electromagnetic energy emit-
ted by wireless devices like for exam-
ple mobile phones.
Because this product operates within
the guidelines found in radio frequency
safety standards and recommenda-
tions, we believe this product is safe
for use by consumers. These stan-
dards and recommendations reflect the
consensus of the scientific community
and result from deliberations of panels
and committees of scientists who
continually review and interpret the
extensive research literature.
In some situations or environments,
the use of this product may be restrict-
ed by the proprietor of the building or
responsible representatives of the
organization. These situations may for
example include:
 Using this product on board of
airplanes, or
 In any other environment where the
risk of interference to other devices
to other users, the antenna type and its
gain should be so chosen that the
equivalent isotropically radiated power
(EIRP) is not more than that required
for successful communication.
or services is perceived or identified
as harmful.
If you are uncertain of the policy that
applies on the use of wireless devices
in a specific organization or environ-
ment (e.g. airports), you are encour-
aged to ask for authorization to use
this product prior to turning on the
Regulatory Information
We are not responsible for any radio or
television interference caused by unau-
thorized modification of this product.
The correction of interference caused
by such unauthorized modification will
be the responsibility of the user. We
and its authorized resellers or distribu-
tors are not liable for damage or viola-
tion of government regulations that
may arise from failing to comply with
these guidelines.


Table of Contents

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