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Panasonic Toughbook CF-U1AQB1G2M Operating Instructions Manual page 13

Panasonic toughbook cf-u1aqb1g2m: user guide
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Take a Break of 10-15 Minutes Every
Using this product for long periods of
time may have detrimental health effects
on the eyes or hands.
Do Not Turn the Volume Up to Loud
When Using Headphones
Listening at high volumes that overstimu-
late the ear for long periods of time may
result in loss of hearing.
Do Not Use with Exposing the Skin to
Precautions (Battery Pack)
Do Not Use with Any Other Product
The battery pack is rechargeable and
was intended for the specified product. If
it is used with a product other than the
one for which it was designed, electrolyte
leakage, generation of heat, ignition or
rupture may result.
Do Not Charge the Battery Using
Methods Other Than Those Specified
If the battery is not charged using one of
the specified methods, electrolyte leak-
age, generation of heat, ignition or rup-
ture may result.
Do Not Throw the Battery Pack into a
Fire or Expose It to Excessive Heat
Generation of heat, ignition or rupture
may result.
Avoid Extreme Heat (Near the Fire, in
Direct Sunlight, for Example)
Electrolyte leakage, generation of heat,
ignition or rupture may result.
Do Not Insert Sharp Objects into the
Battery Pack, Expose It to Bumps or
Shocks, Disassemble, or Modify It
Electrolyte leakage, generation of heat,
ignition or rupture may result.
 If this product is subjected to a strong
impact, stop using it immediately.
Do Not Short the Positive (+) and
Negative (-) Contacts
Generation of heat, ignition or rupture
may result.
 Do not place the battery pack togeth-
This Product for a Long Period of
Using this product with exposing the skin
to the heat source of this product or AC
adaptor for a long period of time can
cause a low-temperature burn.
 Do not place the computer near a
television or radio receiver.
 Keep the computer away from mag-
nets. Data stored on the hard disk may
be lost.
er with articles such as necklaces or
hairpins when carrying or storing.
Do Not Use This Product with a Bat-
tery Pack Other Than the One Speci-
Use only the specified battery pack (CF-
VZSU53W) with your product. Use of
battery packs other than those manufac-
tured and supplied by Panasonic may
present a safety hazard (generation of
heat, ignition or rupture).
When the Battery Pack Has Become
Degraded, Replace It with a New One
Continued use of a degraded battery
pack may generate high levels of heat,
cause a fire to start and cause the pack
to burst or explode.
 Do not touch the terminals on the
battery pack. The battery pack may
no longer function properly if the
contacts are dirty or damaged.
 Do not expose the battery pack to
water, or allow it to become wet.
 If the battery pack will not be used for
a long period of time (a month or
more), charge or discharge (use) the
battery pack until the remaining
battery level becomes 30% to 40%
and store it in a cool, dry place.
 This computer prevents overcharging
of the battery by recharging only
when the remaining power is less


Table of Contents

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