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Panasonic Toughbook CF-U1AQB1G2M Operating Instructions Manual page 12

Panasonic toughbook cf-u1aqb1g2m: user guide
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Read Me First
Do Not Do Anything That May Damage
the AC Cord, the AC Plug, or the AC
Do not damage or modify the cord, place
it near hot tools, bend, twist, or pull it
forcefully, place heavy objects on it, or
bundle it tightly.
Continuing to use a damaged cord may
result in fire, short circuit, or electric
Do Not Pull or Insert the AC Plug If
Your Hands Are Wet
Electric shock may result.
Clean Dust and Other Debris of the AC
Plug Regularly
If dust or other debris accumulates on
the plug, humidity, etc. may cause a
defect in the insulation, which may result
in a fire.
 Pull the plug, and wipe it with a dry
Pull the plug if the computer is not
being used for a long period of time.
Insert the AC Plug Completely
If the plug is not inserted completely, fire
due to overheating or electric shock may
 Do not use a damaged plug or loose
AC outlet.
Close the Connector Cover Tightly
When Using This Product Where Is a
Lot of Water, Moisture, Steam, Dust,
Oily Vapors, etc.
The entry of foreign matter may cause a
fire or electric shocks.
 If foreign matter has found its way
inside, immediately turn the power off
and unplug the AC cord, and then
remove the battery pack. Then contact
your technical support office.
Do Not Disassemble This Product
There are high-voltage areas inside
which may give you an electric shock if
you should touch them. Do not touch the
pins and circuit boards inside, and do not
allow foreign matter to enter inside.
Also, remodeling or disassembly may
cause a fire.
Keep SD Memory Cards Away from
Infants and Small Children
Accidental swallowing will result in bodily
 In the event of accidental swallowing,
see a doctor immediately.
Do Not Place This Product on Unsta-
ble Surface
If balance is lost, this product may fall
over or drop, resulting in an injury.
Avoid Stacking
If balance is lost, this product may fall
over or drop, resulting in an injury.
Do Not Leave This Product in High
Temperature Environment for a Long
Period of Time
Leaving this product where it will be
exposed to extremely high temperatures
such as near fire or in direct sunlight may
deform the cabinet and/or cause trouble
in the internal parts. Continued use in
such a resulting condition may lead to
short-circuiting or insulation defects, etc.
which may in turn lead to a fire or electric
Hold the Plug When Unplugging the
AC Plug
Pulling on the cord may damage the
cord, resulting in a fire or electric shock.
Do Not Move This Product While the
AC Plug Is Connected
The AC cord may be damaged, resulting
in fire or electric shock.
 If the AC cord is damaged, unplug the
AC plug immediately.
Use Only the Specified AC Adaptor
With This Product
Using an AC adaptor other than the one
supplied (attached to your product or
supplied by Panasonic) may result in a
Do Not Subject the AC Adaptor to Any
Strong Impact
Using the AC adaptor after a strong
impact such as being dropped may result
in electric shock, short circuit, or fire.


Table of Contents

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