Installation Work - Fujitsu UTY-TFSXH3 Setting Manual

Wireless lan adapter for air conditioner
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4.1. Installation work

• Disconnect the power supply or turn off the breaker before starting work. Failure to
disconnect the power supply may lead to electric shock or fire.
• Do not turn on the power until all installation work is complete.
• When installing this unit, make sure that there are no children nearby.
Otherwise, injury or electric shock could result.
• Discharge static electricity on your body before starting work. If static electricity is not
discharged, there is a risk that the board parts may be damaged.
• Connect the connectors securely. Loose connectors will cause trouble, heating, fire, or
electric shock.
• Do not put fingers, sticks, etc., in the connection part of this product and the WLAN
adapter slot of the indoor unit. Otherwise, electric shock or damage to the product may
• Do not stand on an unstable platform when installing or removing this product to avoid
injury listing.
This manual indicates the procedure to install and set up the WLAN adapter.
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents