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Call functions

Call functions
Various call functions are available depending on the usage
mode selected.
Dial from the contacts (name search)
You can call a number simply by
selecting a name from the contact
With the display in standby, scroll right to the desired letter
of the alphabet in the contacts, and press
Select the second and further characters in the same way.
Press and hold
or press
beginning with the selected characters.
Scroll to the desired name, and press
stored with the name.
You can assign as many as five phone numbers to an entry in
the contacts with different symbols used to differentiate the
entries. The icons used are
(Office), and
To call any one of the other numbers
stored for a name:
and scroll to the desired symbol or phone
to dial the number.
to select the
to view the list of names
to dial the number
Voice dialing
You can make a phone call simply by saying a voice tag that has
been added to a number in the contacts.
To voice dial a number:
Speak now
is displayed.
Say the voice tag belonging to the desired number loudly
and clearly.
To indicate that it has recognized the voice tag, your car kit
plays back the voice tag as recorded and then automatically
dials the number assigned to it 1.5 seconds later.
For further information, see "Voice tags" on page 54.
You can voice dial a contact if a voice tag is recorded for a
number stored in the mobile phone. Note that only the contacts
stored in the mobile phone memory with the related voice tags
are used.
For information on recording voice tags, see the user guide
applicable for the mobile phone you are using.
To voice dial a number:
Speak now
is displayed.


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