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Nokia 616 User Manual: Microphone; Power Cable Pcu-4; Gsm Antenna (not Included); Stickers

Nokia 616: user guide.
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Microphone MP-2 (5)
Use of any other microphone than the microphone
supplied with the car kit (MP-2) may impact the
transmission quality.
Mount the hands-free microphone approximately 30
centimeters from the user's head, and position it so that it
points toward the user's mouth. Experience has shown that the
best locations are near the rearview mirror or to the left of the
sun visor. The microphone must not interfere with the control or
operation of the vehicle. We recommend that you keep the
microphone a minimum distance of 1 meter from the car kit
loudspeaker to avoid feedback.
Use the double-sided adhesive tape supplied to fix the
microphone to prevent noise from the car body being
transmitted into the interior. Mount the microphone so that it
is not exposed to air streams from the vents. Do not lay the
microphone cable in the heating, ventilation, or AC system.

Power cable PCU-4 (6)

The power cable connects the car kit to the electronic system of
the car. See the wiring diagram for exact instructions.
If the mute radio cable is connected, when you accept an
incoming call or when an outgoing call is established, the
system automatically mutes your car radio and the call is
switched to the car kit loudspeaker.
When laying the cables, position them so that they are
located as far as possible from the electronic systems
installed in your car in order to avoid electromagnetic
Place cables so that they are not subjected to
mechanical wear and tear (for example, not laid under
car seats or over sharp edges).
GSM antenna (7)
Your car kit is designed to be connected to an external GSM
antenna (not included in the sales package). However, if your
car is equipped with a compatible radio and GSM antenna with
a frequency separating filter, this may be used instead.
If your car does not come with a GSM antenna, please contact
your dealer for information on the best location for mounting
and for the relevant installation guidelines.
In order to comply with RF exposure guidelines, install
the external antenna so that the required minimum
distance of 20 centimeters (8 inches) can be maintained
between the external antenna and all persons, with
external antenna gain not exceeding 3 dB.

Stickers (8)

The stickers that come with your car kit are important for
service and related purposes. Attach sticker
warranty card.
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