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Nokia 810 User Manual

Installation guide
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User´s Guide
Installation Guide
810 car phone
Issue 1


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  • Page 1 User´s Guide Installation Guide 810 car phone Issue 1...
  • Page 2 Nokia reserves the right to revise this document or withdraw it at any time without prior notice.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of content Table of content For your safety......5 Call waiting service..... . 20 General information .
  • Page 4 Installation ......49 Your Nokia 810 car phone ....49 Safety first .
  • Page 5: For Your Safety

    For your safety For your safety Read these simple guidelines. Breaking the rules may be QUALIFIED INSTALLATION AND SERVICE dangerous or illegal. Further detailed information is given in Only a qualified professional may install or repair this user’s guide. phone equipment. OFF MODE CONNECTING TO OTHER DEVICES If wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may...
  • Page 6 Network services FUSE REPLACEMENT About accessories Replace a blown fuse with a fuse with of the same type and size. Never use a fuse with a higher rating! Warning! Use only accessories approved by the phone manufacturer for Network services use with this particular phone model.
  • Page 7: General Information

    General information 1. General information Overview of the car phone and equipment 2. Display XDW-1 The separate display comes with generously sized, easy-to- Your car phone is made up of several components, which are read fonts, convenient user-customisable display described below: positioning and automatic backlighting that is configurable for day- or nighttime use.
  • Page 8 Overview of the car phone and equipment 5. Microphone HFM-8 The handsfree microphone supplied in the sales package has been tailormade for the vehicular environment. State-of- the-art technologies geared for effective echo and noise suppression in automotive systems enable quality results even in poor conditions.
  • Page 9 Overview of the car phone and equipment Voice dialling Voice recorder Voice dialling is a convenient way to This feature acts as a dictaphone, select certain numbers from the phone allowing you to record personal voice book, which are then automatically memos.
  • Page 10 Overview of the car phone and equipment Multi-user capability Quick access to the phone book This feature lets you store personal A phone book shortcut feature has been entries or phone settings under two provided to make it easier for you to find different user data profiles.
  • Page 11: Before Putting Your Phone Into Operation

    Before putting your phone into operation SIM card Stickers in the sales package To operate your car phone, you will need to insert a SIM card in The stickers that come with your car phone are important for the radio unit. For further information, see Installing the SIM service and related purposes.
  • Page 12: Your Phone

    Your phone 2. Your phone Display Shows the signal strength of the cellular network at the current location. The higher the bar, the stronger the When the car phone is ready for use signal. and no characters have as yet been Indicates an ongoing call.
  • Page 13 Display indicators Call indicators Indicators for recorder functions Indicates an active voice call. Recorder function is on. Indicates that a voice call has been disconnected. The tape is being played back. Voice calls have been switched over to the headset. Indicators for Bluetooth functions Data communication is active.
  • Page 14: Basic Components Of The Handset

    Basic components of the handset Basic components of the handset Press The handset consists of the function – to end a call. – to delete a character or number selectors, the alphanumeric keypad, the microphone, and the earpiece. entered. – to return to the previous menu item Function selectors or display.
  • Page 15 Basic components of the handset Press the Navi wheel Alphanumeric keypad to access a function in a particular context: Use these keys to enter numbers 0-9, letters, and other – to start the menu and select an item. characters. Several characters have been assigned to each key. –...
  • Page 16: Getting Started

    Getting started 3. Getting started Open the SIM card holder by lifting it upwards on one side as depicted in figure (4). Installing the SIM card Caution! Keep all miniature SIM cards out of the reach of small children. Carefully insert the SIM card into the holder (5).
  • Page 17: Switching On/Off And Off Mode

    Switching on/off and off mode Switching on/off and off mode Switching off the phone When you switch off your car’s ignition, the car phone will not be switched off automatically: it remains in service for the Caution! period of time that you have set using the power down timer.
  • Page 18: Call Functions

    Call functions 4. Call functions Voice dialling Before you can use this feature you will have to record voice tags for numbers stored in the car phone’s phone book. To You can make a phone call simply by do so, you will have to speak a voice tag and add it to the saying a voice tag that has been added related number in the phone book.
  • Page 19: Redialling

    Redialling You can add as many as five phone numbers to an entry in Using the Navi wheel to make a call the phone book with different symbols added to You can use the Navi wheel to enter a phone number and differentiate the entries.
  • Page 20: Call Waiting Service

    Call waiting service Call waiting service Options during a call If the function Call waiting is activated, The following options are available to you during an active call: You will be notified of any incoming call Send DTMF while you have another call in progress. Mute This feature will allow you to accept this Contacts...
  • Page 21: Accepting Or Refusing An Incoming Call

    Accepting or refusing an incoming call Mute call If desired, you can mute a call in progress by selecting the option Mute, which switches off the microphone. The message Muted then appears on the display. Press to unmute the microphone. Open phone book During a call, you may wish to open the phone book to check a number, for example, or to give the caller a particular number.
  • Page 22: Using The Menu

    Using the menu 5. Using the menu The Nokia 810 car phone offers you an List of menu functions Memory status extensive range of functions, which are Speed dials I I I I Messages grouped in menus. I I I I Tones...
  • Page 23 List of menu functions I I I I Bluetooth Call waiting Default Call waiting activated Search for Bluetooth devs. Call waiting deactivated Fixed dialling View active devices Check status View paired devices Speed dialling Create connection Speed dialling on Number list Delete pairing Speed dialling off I I I I Voice...
  • Page 24: Menu Functions

    Menu functions 6. Menu functions Messages Inbox When you have received an SMS, the You can receive and read short text indicator and the number of new messages on your car phone and either messages are shown on the display along call the sender back or send an with the notification New msgs.
  • Page 25 Messages Your car phone comes with a number of options for handling Message centre number the message selected: You receive this number from your service provider. Press This option saves the phone number of the message centre, Scroll with to the desired option and press which you need to send text messages.
  • Page 26: Call Register

    Call register Erase In these lists you can view up to 10 of the last calls made to your phone or received or up to 10 numbers you have last The template selected will be erased. dialled. They are provided for your reference. The most To view the list of text message templates from the standby current item is shown at the top of the list.
  • Page 27: Contacts

    Contacts Received calls Contacts To view a list of up to 10 registered numbers of the latest calls All of the entries you make in the phone you have received from the standby display: book are saved in the car phone’s internal memory.
  • Page 28 Contacts You can now view all the names stored in your phone book Editing names and phone numbers which start with the letter selected. They are listed in You can edit names and phone numbers in the phone book alphabetical order. starting from the standby display: Scroll with to the desired name in the list.
  • Page 29 Contacts Adding a phone number Speed dialling You can add as many as four additional phone numbers to an The speed dialling option is a convenient shortcut function that entry in the phone book. The first number saved under a name is lets you dial a phone number assigned to a number key quickly automatically set as the default number and is indicated with and easily.
  • Page 30: Tone Settings

    Tone settings Tone settings Settings You can choose the desired ringing tone You may customise a number of the for incoming calls, change the volume, settings in your car phone. and switch warning tones on or off as desired. To make any of the above settings, select the Settings menu in the standby display and press...
  • Page 31 Settings Own number sending Divert if out of reach Select this option to divert voice calls when you are out of Preset reach of the network. This will activate the setting you have agreed with your network operator. Divert if not available This option will divert all voice calls you receive when you are not available.
  • Page 32 Settings Set delay Check status Select this option to set the time period after which an Select this option if you wish to know whether or not this incoming voice call is to be diverted. service is currently active for your car phone (network query).
  • Page 33 Settings Display backlight setting Manual You can view a list of available cellular networks and select You can adjust the brightness of the display’s backlighting for any network that has a roaming agreement with your home better viewing comfort. Two customisable settings have been network operator.
  • Page 34 Settings Remember that your car phone runs off the car battery. Scroll with to the desired option and press When setting the power down timer, take care not to drain select it. your car battery. Listening to voice messages To set the power down timer from the standby display: Scroll to the option Listen to voice messages and press...
  • Page 35 Settings You need to subscribe to the GPRS service of your network Security settings operator or service provider. For the relevant information on the availability of GPRS and Caution! the necessary settings, contact your network operator or For some security settings (for example, when calls are limited service provider.
  • Page 36 Settings Default Direct connection to the SP-2 loudspeaker supplied in the The settings made by your service provider are active. sales package. Connection to a compatible car radio loudspeaker over an The closed user group service is active. additional relay that switches audio output over to the loudspeaker (not included in the scope of supply).
  • Page 37 Settings Voice Tags To record a New voice tag, select the Voice menu in the standby display and scroll with to the option Voice Before recording voice tags or using tags. Press to select this option. voice dialling, you will need to be aware Scroll with New voice tag and press...
  • Page 38 Settings Scroll with to the desired name in the phone book and Voice commands press to select it. You have a selection of phone functions which can be activated Scroll with to the desired option and press by saying a voice command. A voice tag may be assigned to as select it.
  • Page 39 Settings Voice command list Before using voice commands, note that: The voice command list includes the phone functions listed for Voice commands are not language dependent. They are voice commands. Each function on the list can be checked and dependent on the speaker's voice. edited using the options below: Voice commands are sensitive to background noise.
  • Page 40: Recorder

    Recorder You must say the voice command exactly as you said it Before you can use this shortcut, you will have to assign a when you recorded it. This may be difficult in, for example, a voice command to this function in your car phone. For noisy environment or during an emergency, so you should further information, see Voice commands on page 38.
  • Page 41: Bluetooth Wireless Technology

    Bluetooth wireless technology Play Activating and deactivating Bluetooth You can play back a selected recording. The Bluetooth function is always activated in your car phone. However, in other devices with Bluetooth technology, e.g. Delete mobile phones, Bluetooth may have to be activated or You can use this option to erase a recording in order to make deactivated in the device.
  • Page 42 Bluetooth wireless technology Pairing with devices with Bluetooth technology View paired devices To create a connection, you may need to exchange Bluetooth You can view a list of the paired devices by selecting the option passcodes with the device you are connecting to for the first View paired devices.
  • Page 43: User Data

    The factory setting is Nokia request" in the compatible mobile phone to "Off". Now 810. You can find the name used for a device that is paired with connections between the devices via Bluetooth wireless...
  • Page 44 User data Download contacts Paired devices with Bluetooth technology Scroll with to the paired device supporting Bluetooth You can use this feature to copy phone book entries from a SIM wireless technology (name is displayed in the list) whose card inserted in the car phone or from a compatible mobile phone book entries you wish to copy into the car phone supporting Bluetooth wireless technology to the car phone memory.
  • Page 45 User data Switch user Phone memory This option copies the entries stored in the phone book You may save two user profiles in your car phone to be used as memory of your mobile to the car phone memory. desired. The settings for each user profile may be customised to To make these settings from the standby display: suit the particular needs of the user.
  • Page 46: Data Communication

    Data communication 7. Data communication Bluetooth wireless technology Sending a business card You can forward a received business card to a compatible phone Bluetooth wireless technology is a system that enables wireless using Bluetooth wireless technology if the phone supports it or connections between compatible electronic devices at a range to any handheld device that supports the vCard standard via the of maximum 10 metres.
  • Page 47: Hscsd (High Speed Circuit Switched Data)

    HSCSD (High Speed Circuit Switched Data) HSCSD (High Speed Circuit Switched Data) Noise Radio interference from electronic equipment and devices or The car phone enables you to use GSM high-speed data services from surrounding traffic may impact the transmission quality. (network service).
  • Page 48 For further information, see Overview of the car phone and equipment on page 7. To put your modem into operation, you will need to select the data transmission speed Standard 19200 bps on the laptop. For more information, see the NOKIA website:
  • Page 49: Installation

    Installation 8. Installation Your Nokia 810 car phone The Nokia 810 car phone may only be installed by a qualified service technician using the approved original The Nokia 810 car phone is designed for installation in motor Nokia parts supplied in the sales package. Please note that vehicles.
  • Page 50: Safety First

    Safety first Safety first Do not operate your car phone off the car battery for a longer period of time, i.e. with the engine switched off, as this may cause your battery to run dry. Please read the basic safety guidelines set out below before beginning any installation work.
  • Page 51 Mounting Radio unit TFE-4R (Pos.1) Display XDW-1 (Pos.2) It is recommended to mount the radio unit TFE-4R at a less The mount for the display unit is to be fixed to the dashboard or visible position in the car interior. However, ensure that the unit to any other location in the cockpit area where the display is is installed to permit easy access to the SIM card so that it can clearly visible for the user but does not impair control or...
  • Page 52 Mounting Loudspeaker SP-2 (Pos.4) System cable PCU-4 (Pos.6) To ensure good acoustic quality, mount the loudspeaker so that The system cable connects the car phone to the car’s electronics it is pointed in the user’s direction. We recommend that you system.
  • Page 53: Audio Settings

    Audio settings Audio settings To make a wireless connection between your car phone and a compatible accessory with Bluetooth technology, ensure Your car phone supports a variety of options for output over a that the devices are within the range necessary for loudspeaker: Bluetooth transmission.
  • Page 54: Care And Maintenance

    Care and maintenance 9. Care and maintenance Your phone is a product of superior design and craftsmanship Use only an approved antenna. Unauthorised antennas, and should be treated with care. The suggestions below will modifications or attachments could damage the car phone help you to fulfil any warranty obligations and to enjoy this and may violate regulations governing radio devices.
  • Page 55: Important Safety Information

    Important safety information 10. Important safety information Traffic safety Potentially explosive atmospheres Do not use a hand-held telephone while driving a vehicle. Switch your car phone over to off mode, see Off mode on Always secure the phone in its holder; do not place the phone page 17, when in any area with a potentially explosive on the passenger seat or where it can break loose in a collision atmosphere and obey all signs and instructions.
  • Page 56 Emergency calls Do not store or carry flammable liquids, gases or explosive To make an emergency call materials in the same compartment as the phone, its parts or If the phone or car ignition is not on, accessories. switch it on. Check for adequate signal For vehicles equipped with an air bag, remember that an air bag strength.
  • Page 57: Technical Data

    Technical data 11. Technical data Battery voltage System cable wiring 12.6 VDC (10.8 – 13.5 V) 1. Red, BATTERY, +12V Negative potential to ground (GND). 2. Black, GND, ground 3. Yellow, MUTE, radio mute Current carrying capacity When call is set up, switch over from +12V to 0V. 1.5 A (off mode 1 mA) 4.
  • Page 58: Glossary

    Glossary 12. Glossary DTMF tones PIN-Code DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) tones are the tones you hear The PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a 4- to 8-digit code when you press the number keys on the phone keypad. DTMF which protects your SIM card from unauthorised use. The PIN tones allow you to communicate with voice mailboxes, code is supplied with the SIM card.

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