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Functions Of The Handset; Alphanumeric Keypad - Nokia HSU-4 Installation Manual

Nokia hsu-4 car handset: installation guide
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3. Functions of the handset

The handset consists of the function selectors including four keys and a
wheel, the alphanumeric keypad, the microphone, and the
earpiece. As the function selectors at the upper part of the handset are
identical to the components on CUW-3 input device supplied with the
Nokia 610 car kit phone, please refer to the car kit phone user's guide for
the relevant information on their use.

■ Alphanumeric keypad

Use these keys to enter numbers 0-9, letters, and other characters.
Several characters have been assigned to each key. To enter a character,
repeatedly press the related key until you have reached the desired
Entering numbers and characters:
• To enter a number, press and hold the number key for approximately
one second.
• To call up characters, repeatedly press
• To enter a blank space, press
• To switch between upper- and lower-case characters, press
• Use
to move the cursor in the entered text.
For example, if you wish to enter the letter "C", press
When the flashing cursor appears to the right of the letter entered, you
can select the next character to be entered. Repeat these steps until you
have completed your entry.
The procedure set out above applies only for entering text.
When you have finished using the handset, make sure that it
is placed securely in the cradle. A loose handset may cause
bodily injury if you have to brake sharply or should have an
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