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Bluetooth wireless technology
successfully paired, you do not need to repeat this procedure
when establishing further Bluetooth wireless connections
between the devices. However, you can delete a device from the
list of paired devices. If you wish to establish a Bluetooth
wireless connection to this device again later, you must pair it
with the car kit.
To ensure interoperability with the devices from different
manufacturers, the Bluetooth standard defines so-called
profiles for many applications. The Nokia 616 car kit supports
the following Bluetooth profiles:
SIM access profile to connect to a compatible mobile phone
and use the remote SIM card installed in the mobile
Hands-free profile to connect to a compatible mobile phone
Hands-free profile or headset profile to connect to a
compatible wireless headset
Activate and deactivate Bluetooth
The Bluetooth function is always activated in your car kit.
However, in other devices with Bluetooth technology (for
example, mobile phones), Bluetooth may have to be activated
or deactivated in the device. Make sure that Bluetooth is active
in all devices supporting Bluetooth wireless technology that
you wish to use with your car kit and that the device is visible
for your phone (see "Car kit visibility" on page 63). For further
information, see the user guide applicable for the device with
Bluetooth technology that you are using.
To create a connection using Bluetooth wireless technology,
you must exchange Bluetooth passcodes with the device you
are connecting to for the first time for reasons of security. This
operation is called pairing. The Bluetooth passcode is a 1- to
16-character numeric code, which you must enter in both
devices. You only need this passcode once.
SIM access mode
In SIM access mode, if the car kit finds a compatible mobile
phone that supports the Bluetooth SIM access profile standard,
the car kit shows a randomly chosen, 16-character numeric
code on the display, which you must enter on the compatible
mobile phone to be paired with the car kit. Note that you must
be prepared to do this quickly within 30 seconds. Follow the
instructions on the display of your mobile phone.
If pairing is successful,
your mobile phone is displayed. Then
displayed. Press
to establish the Bluetooth wireless
When pairing a mobile phone in SIM access mode, a 16-
character numeric passcode is generated in the car kit.
You can delete this passcode if desired: within 3
seconds, press
to delete the Bluetooth passcode.
Then enter an arbitrary 16-character numeric code into
the car kit using the Navi wheel number editor.
with, followed by the name of
Create connection



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