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User data

Allow a second Bluetooth connection
This setting is required if your car kit is to be visible for other
devices with Bluetooth technology while it is being used in an
existing Bluetooth SIM access profile wireless connection to a
compatible mobile phone. This feature interrupts the existing
Bluetooth SIM access profile wireless link for a short time so
that, during this interval, other devices with Bluetooth
technology (for example, a laptop) can request a wireless
connection, before the car kit automatically re-establishes the
Bluetooth SIM access profile connection to the compatible
mobile phone.
When this setting is selected, the car kit is visible for
other Bluetooth devices for a period of time of 30
seconds before the original Bluetooth wireless
connection is re-established.
When your car kit is not connected to a compatible
device using Bluetooth wireless technology, its visibility
for other Bluetooth devices depends on the setting made
in the
menu. In this case, it is not necessary to
select the second Bluetooth connection option (for
example, in order to establish a wireless connection
from a device such as a laptop with Bluetooth
technology to the car kit.)
With the display in standby, press
Scroll to the
Scroll to
Allow second
connection, and press
this item.
Scroll to the desired option
select it.
User data
Depending on the usage mode selected, different features are
The car kit can store and administrate data or settings under
two different user data profiles. A user profile includes contact
entries, name tags and voice commands, or car kit settings. Now
two users sharing the car can access their personalized user
data using the same SIM card simply by activating their
personal user profile.
The indicator for the currently active user profile is
shown in the status row of the display. If user profile 1 is
is shown. If user profile 2 is active,
shown. One of the user profiles is active in the car kit at
all times. When the car kit is put into service for the first
time, user profile 1 is active.
to access the menu.
menu, and press
to open it.
to select
or No, and press



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